Monday, December 04, 2006

Indian recruitment industry -A billion dollar industry and growing!!

A recent study done by ERA , heralds the ‘recruitment industry ‘ in India.

The Executive Recruiters Association ( represents the executive recruitment firms of India, and has amongst its members the top 100 firms handling selection, staffing and search business in India. With over 100, 000 employees and associates employed by the ERA members, across domains, the highlights have been

• Both Indian & MNC co’s members
• Members acquired by Transnational co’s
• Competition to Co-opetition - Knowledge sharing
• Conducting conferences of Mutual interest
• Representations on Public policy issues relating to the industry
• Ethics Chair for Dispute Resolution
• CEOs Sounding Board
• Sharing of common issues

The Way forward?

• Collaboration with similar associations worldwide(REC -UK; ASA; ITAA)
• Industry Academic collaboration
• ERA –Industry Association
• Corporate ERA long term relationships

As a proud member of the ERA, I shall be glad to give pointers to anyone who wishes to reach me offline!!


Unknown said...

Dear Menon,

Do you think the so called 'struggle for existence' remains now under the hood of recession ?

The synergy approach would amplify the delivery mechanism , yet do you have takers?

Value Add seem to be another buzz word. In what way you think the value add need to be ?

Your views please.


Achyut Menon said...


Interestingly it is almost 30 months since the post was made by me!

Let me update you since then, the industry did double in 2008-and has seen a drop in revenue in the last 12 months!

The game has changed significantly-and now itsnt really a choice as much a necessity for value add-if one has to be relevant!

Firms -with complementary skills are coming together to flank each other and reduce overheads..

Shall try and address this in a new post shortly!