Monday, December 20, 2010

On your Mark. Get Set......

There is always something for everyone in December.

Those who have had a splendid year are busy consolidating the great momentum. For others, it is a wonderful moment to take stock. Time for pulling out those resolutions - then review, renew, and start afresh with a lot of energy & enthusiasm.

This time around -it could be even a better dawn post the forgettable global downturn. If one were to believe the media-the job market for India is an
unbelievably optimistic one. Humming, bouyant, among the fastest growing markets in the world, companies battling for talent....

And so it seems-that everything is hunky dory. Or is it?

I am not yet sure if the ground realities are different. Over the past one month-I am yet to get off my writers block-(the last post was a long way back!)-I have been getting extremely confused signals :
-a sudden glut of openings from the clients- in all shapes & sizes. Existing clients, past clients, suddenly remembering us, and new ones reaching out with a wide range of opportunities.
-hordes of aspirants reaching out with alibis to stay connected

All in a desperate tearing hurry to be first off the starting block...ostentsibly to make amends for the last 24 months. Hey, is this a sprint? Or is life a marathon?

Let me reflect on three separate conversations I have had -with different stake holders in the last three days!!

A CEO of a fast growing group in the infrastructure business quipped "- Only one in three offers end up reporting for work. Even when people are joining -there are those who abscond within a month or two.
-We are thinking of making an offer valid only for a month. Most candidates are utilising the period of 2-3 months notice period to shop around."

A fellow recruitment professional is busy spending most time hiring for himself: " The strike rate is 1 in 50 we screen. Invariably, almost all claim to have skills they do not possess-and have expectations not entirely in line with their experience."

A neighbour of mine came to me for a second opinion regarding an overseas assignment, "as the 'travel agent' was seeking some 'visa expenses' for an otherwise fabulous offer of employment". Fortunately -
googling helped us validate the suspicion of a cleverly made website that could hoodwink any 'quick fix' solution of a job seeker's quest!

Are there any winners in the seemingly 'zero-sum' game??

It is all happening!! Are all of us in our anxiety to 'make hay while the sun shines' on our way to tripping ourselves? In our hurry, are we looking for shortcuts? Aren't the means just as important as the ends? Shouldn't our credibility be linked to our integrity??

Do we really need some one to police us? After all, isn't a person's true character about doing the right things when no one is looking?

What are the solutions? Do we learn and move on? We see it on the roads too. Notwithstanding the poor infrastructure to manage the bulging population of vehicles on the roads, perhaps if only one followed the rules, the traffic jams wouldn't be as frequent, right?

If you think I am spoiling the party, psst: here is an
interesting recruitment campaign a major MNC is running. Would you want to be stolen ? Holier than thou, right? Your comments most welcome...

Did I hear someone say GO!!?