Saturday, November 04, 2006

The "cool" Finance Minister

I was away in Delhi and Gurgaon for a few client meetings this week

The biggest take away for me…was a very brief interaction with the one of the architects of the Indian economy…none other than the Finance Minister P Chidambaram!!

Delhi Airport- I had checked in for the 830 pm flight-and most flights were delayed due to the heavy congestion at the airport…when I see a very familiar face walking very measuredly, the traditional mundu –dragging his overnighter-and came and sat a few seats security –no chamchas, no bureaucrats..all alone-just like any other passenger!!

Most of us were awed just staring..not sure if it was real! Couple of people ventured across to seek his permission to talk-but the stern NO, sorry , NO..was enough to indicate he was busy –as he took out a booklet and started studying – a whole lot of tables of economic indicators.

Something was serious..for he then had a long chat –comparing the numbers with some one-for almost half an hour when the airport authorities came and patiently tried for his attention to indicate his flight was ready.

To me..he was one of my heroes. One of the people who has contributed my career and worklife!! I was fortunate to carry the latest issue of the Business World..which had a photograph of the FM launching the Asia Pac edition of the Harvard Business Review recently. I waited for him to put his phone down..and requested him for an autograph!!

GOOD WISHES…he wrote –along with his signature!! And as I almost yanked out my ‘cross’ pen from his hand, he seemed to think I was taking his pen natural for him to glance at his pocket –before letting go –with a look of little reliefJ!

As I got into the AirDeccan flight to Hyderabad –a few minutes later, there he was again. Sitting at the window near the emergency exit- this time he was careful. He has plonked his books on the next seat..a very obvious hint for all for his privacy! We reached Hyd a little past midnight..

Todays Economic times screams…FM Spots Signals of Overheating in economy

Aren't we all responsible? Compulsive/impulsive (?) Job hoppers..HR managers, recruitment consultants, media hype..high attrition rates..increased consumerism, more spending power..all adding to the inflationary trends?? Is the bubble going to bust ?

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Blog Barfer said...

FM in Deccan!!! Whatever happened to the 'national' carrier?