Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Listed in SHRM India's 'Top 20 Indian #HR Influencers Active on #SocialMedia'

When my pal Gautam Ghosh tweeted, and pointed me to this article, I didn't quite believe it!! I was pleasantly surprised at the honour of being bunched with some of the best known professionals.."influencers" I have been following..
(Here is the detailed report.)
It was an awesome feeling..being among a handful of recruiters to make it to the club, and that perhaps emphasises the importance of Talent acquisition and talent management-and the power of social media in attracting, engaging and influencing the eco-system.
Social media to me..has been the window to the global world-keeping abreast with the trends and best practices-
Well, I spent the last evening, basking in the sudden sense of recognition-though I must confess, I was a little embarrassed for I was aware of the vulnerability of the situation.
-The specific study was focussed on Twitter as being the platform of choice given its fast pace and real time interventions. The number of followers..and the impressions generated..being the parameters being ranked.
-I must consider myself lucky as I have been among the early adopters of Twitter-and have about 2500+ followers...but at the same time-have been more a passive listener-more than a great engager or an influencer. And quite often conscious of the fact..that perhaps I have been spamming by broadcasting too many jobs..too..
-And as recruiter by livelihood- finding 'people for jobs', I have been less active engaging -and focussing on 'finding jobs for people'.
-Yes, brevity isnt one of my I often find myself difficult to focus beyond jobs...and at the simultaneously restrict myself into 140 characters..and forever in awe of folks who can come with smart one liners..and promptly at that :)!!!
-And so have been more active on Linkedin & Facebook!!
The Morning After.With recognition comes responsibility. And most importantly the opportunity of staying relevant !!
I hope to be more regular blogging -and not just curating information -but also become a little more active -trying to engage and interact -more often.
Must create a social media calendar. And yes, increase my present strike rate of 1.3 tweets per day-and truly leverage on being the new entrant..
Well, I need to be rushing off now..back into the real world- as I am due to be engaging with a bunch of MBA students in a local college-and help them understand how to plan their careers in this fast changing interconnected world.


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