Friday, March 21, 2014

Change the way you look for your next job!

After hearing this podcast hosted by Sheishindo, with Nick Corcodilos’s interview,one could not resist sharing  some inputs shared by him- focussing on the behavioural pattern of “why people don’t change jobs easily?”.

We agree and we echo these words of Nick Corcodilos

1.Who gets on-board effortlessly? If the job candidate is able to demonstrate skills that would promote an organization’s growth, such candidate is highly likely to be selected in any interview. Such persons end up getting an employment offer almost every time.

2.Approach to pursue a job: Instead of spending time on job portals, pick a company you look up to and identify alignment with their corporate goals and start exploring it deeply. Start working towards it passionately by meeting people associated with that company. These people could be investors, partners, employees, or consultants. While you build your network around the company, work towards providing a solution rather than asking for a job! It is more about relationship building than career building. Career growth would turn around to be a residue of good relationship building.

3.What stops people from changing careers and the recruiter’s role: A candidate needs to map his skill sets into a business plan and ensure that recruiting him is truly going to help the organization. HR departments look for industry jargon vs measuring the candidate’s true ability to contribute to the job, team and organization. Recruiters begin and end with a rigid litmus test or checklist.

Nick advocates ‘Library vacation’ to job seekers.

-Set aside three days from work and spend time researching!  Start reading deeper and deeper about that industry, identify companies and listen to influencers.

- Search for relevant job transitions into newer domains which would be completely your investment for which you take the risk.

- Strategic use of Linkedin. Instead of building a great amount of unknown virtual relationships, it is good to post a quality profile and forget about it. The universe returns!

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