Friday, April 05, 2019

Planning to #return2India? Here are some curated experiences!

Interesting to know the perspectives from a bunch of stakeholders.

Mani Karthik, yes, it is he -who is featured at his Kochi office -that triggered this piece. In his modest tone, he lets it slip that "It was just a weekend sprint, and a one page website. But soon after (as cliche as it may sound) it went viral and next thing you know there are strangers calling me up/messaging asking for more info. Now the community drives it and I'm enabling it."

Several whatsapp groups have sprouted- city wise, and seem to be a discussion forum on a wide variety of topics..from the why - to the detailed Hows and Whats. Questions you never knew whom to ask...there always seem to be experienced folks-who have very rich experiences.

About a couple of years ago, Nupur Dave had an amazing article on Linkedin that had over a 6000 comments -which perhaps gives you an idea of the kind of interest in the trend. You may like to hop over to her blog- that also gives you an option of consulting her - in the process of enabling over 8000 people make a decision to move/not move to India!

It is all happening..and so one can research to one's desire!

Btw, during Aarons trip to Hyderabad, we did have a 'offline' meet up orchestrated by Mani Karthik, and so there were a bunch who compared notes on the various stages of the lifecycle of the journey. Here is a 16 minute video of my candid views too -as I shared the perspective related to "jobs" part- setting expectations to both the potential employers and returnees

Would love to have your observations too!!

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