Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another game of Musical Chairs?

Today is the March 9th, the day that ERA celebrates as the Indian Recruiters Day.

Can we recruiters ever be able to convince our stakeholders to stop playing the age-old musical chairs game-we played as children before we came across more exciting and stimulating games? Surely we can do better than merely poaching from the competition? Or exhort hiring managers to look beyond  'past proven behaviour in similar roles' as a reasonable indicator for future performance?

Especially in a fast changing world, where a legendary CEO admitted -that your customer does not always know what they want- ..until they are presented with it? 

All around we see several examples of how technologies have rapidly evolved resulting in changing habits of people..and that in turn have drastically reduced the 'half-life' of products and services? Will we see PCs giving way to tables and mobile phones?

Will the technologies and skills in demand in future be different from those presently? What about jobs? And if so, what about the people who do them?

Do we assume what worked in recruiting in the past...will continue to be effective?

Here is an interesting article by an ex CEO lamenting why there are so many managers bad at recruiting?

Time for us to impress that for different companies- at different milestones of their respective life cycle of growth-might need specific stimuli terms of the quality of professionals required to take it to the next level?

I would love to have your thoughts, comments..suggestions..

Taking fresh guard

I must confess I squirmed. Last week, a fellow professional had introduced me to his customers as an avid blogger. I sheepishly grinned-and reflected on a habit that had consumed me a few years ago.

Oops.I haven't blogged in 2013.

Flashback. September 2006-my first blog post. Over 350 posts since...but the numbers do not reveal the full truth.

Interesting though to go back and dwell in the journey. Within the first 3 months, I was in a hurry to express all that I had to say...and posted almost every other day in October (14), November (18) & December (20)!. During 2006 to 2009, I had settled down to a rhythm of about a post every week. 2010, once every 10 days. 2011 saw me posting once every fortnight. Just about managed 10 in 2012 reluctantly (apologetically!), in spurts..., and boy, it has been almost 3 months since my last post. 

So here I am beginning afresh-this time -chiding myself to be get back in the habit. Blogging has always helped me to see the larger picture. Read and be abreast on what people around the world have been reflecting upon. Get inspired. Discern the woods from the trees.

This time around, I hope to be more regular. Share my thoughts perhaps once a week. But more importantly, curate some of the better articles of the thought leaders I follow, and, if I am lucky-coerce some guest posts from people I admire-and whose perspectives can help add value -as career management is increasingly becoming the most value asset any professional can aspire for.

So here is what I responded, when a dear client of mine asked me 'how have things been with you in 2013?"

Things are quite exciting now. After a period when companies stopped hiring in 2011, and stopped back filling in 2012..I think quite a few smarter ones are realising that the 'slow down' isn't going to go away anywhere in the near future..and so are making things happen!! I am working on some interesting assignments..some replacing the deadwood with smarter folks..and some other readying up for succession planning :)!

The game is the same..only the rules have changed. And I am glad I am enjoying it  ...

Are you?