Monday, December 17, 2012

Are Recruiters becoming redundant?

It was more than a loaded question that a close pal asked " Are Third party Recruiters becoming redundant especially in this connected world? Everyone knows everyone else, and with social media, job boards, it is easy to find people and fill in positions without any external help". And before I could even retort after the long sip of the coffee -at the crowded counters at the NHRD conference, he was drawn into another huddle...

So, when I stumbled upon interestingly, some deliberations in the online world -with a more pointed debate "Is Linked in eating the recruitment industry?",  the coincidence seemed too uncanny...

(A must read. It has caught the fancy of many a player in the HR ecosystem. The 40 odd comments provide a lot of insight..further vindicated by over 1800 shares on Linked in, 430 tweets and close to 150 likes(?!) on Facebook!)

True, disintermediation is the driving force for many Internet based businesses. And there is no debating that social media democratises access to talent and ' in connecting talent to opportunities on a massive scale'!

And the real threat to third party recruiters, from Linked in specifically, is that it encourages companies to develop their in-house recruitment teams.

However, I think there is more than meets the eye presently.To me, Linked in is yet another tool-very important is today's context, and like any other technology necessary but not sufficient.
Yes, it is definitely more sophisticated than a mere job portal that provides similar data for 'same set of keywords'. It is entirely dependent on the user, and his network of connections-and throws up options up to their third level of connections.

It has a great toolkit ( inmails, status messages, groups, Linked in today. etc) -but the onus is on how one uses it.. 

And as in any business networking group, it is not enough to simply show up-you have got to participate and do the things necessary to make an impact. As the real work still exists- finding a way to actually connect to the person on the other end of that profile. (Remember there aren't any contact numbers/emails ids unlike that in a job portal!). And the onus lies on the respondent to accept your invite or not.
Which essentially boils down to the brand equity of the person (or the company one represents.) In the connected world- those with a higher visibility, and credibility have a lesser cycle time to convert leads. While the Accentures and Pfizers find it easier-it isn't just a walk in the park for the rest!
Lest we forget, unlike commodities that are usually the raw material in most automated processes, we are in the people's business. Someone with aspirations, desires, wants, likes, and with a mind of his/her own -to decide whom to be engaged with. And emotionally.

The erstwhile recruiter will have to grow out of being a transactional person. And become a trusted advisor. Yes, the low lying fruit is always there for the picking. Beyond that, it is the management of relationships that is going to be the difference. And the human touch- in reaching, engaging, and ability to influence.

The recruiter of tomorrow will need to have a great EQ, also be tech-savvy and use a multiple of technologies, manage knowledge and data, be conscious of the network, reputation, brand, industry knowledge, client culture & process, and need to refine the service offerings consistently to stay ahead of the curve..

My belief is :

a) A lot of these sentiments has probably been more pronounced in the context of the 'cautious hiring' in the last couple of years. Most companies have held back new projects, and so have had the luxury of 'back-filling' and 'replacement hiring' in a relatively quiet hiring also very low attrition!

This defensive tactic of 'cost cutting' will need to questioned-and companies may need to be aggressive in focus sing on 'quality of talent' -if they need to change the status quo!
b) Should the present economic situation prolong, my gut is that better companies will need to raise the bar further and replace some of the 'passengers' -with new blood- or 'game changers'.

c) I cannot resist not using a qoute from Warren Buffet " It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked". Today -managing one's career is just as critical as any investor preserving wealth...with a lot of thought going into preparing, protecting and investing.

Do we see the recruiter in an avataar of a 'personal banker' advising High Networth Inviduals?

And considering that the odds would be in favour of the 'employee' to choose which employer to be engaged with, it will be an interesting space to watch..

Please do let me know if there are any blind spots!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recruiting in India...Raising the Bar

Life is exciting for a recruiter in India...being busy though doesn't naturally convert into business!

Just Google (or even Bing!) “hiring in India” –the links that come up first invariably, are the “Hiring trends in India relatively strong: Linked in" reports.

Hiring trends in India are relatively strong than other markets around the world as nearly half of employers believe the recruitment volume this year is up from 2011.
And as one scrolls down, it would seem like a totally different story. Irrespective of whether it is commissioned by a job portal or an article by a news agency, the host of surveys/ analyst reports reveal trends indicating how it isn't at all hunky dory !

The HeadHonchos Management Hiring Perspective Report hints that the gains by 51% of the companies that are back filling positions that had been open during the year-will be offset by a stagnant headcount or active downsizing among the remaining 49% of employers!

As I look back over the past twelve to eighteen months, the trend (now) seems very apparent-as the mad rush to hire ( remember the 'war for talent' -that made companies outbid others to hire every trespassers or trip over each other to pay joining bonuses or buy out notice periods!?), has since given way to a slow-pedalling pace...but in the right direction!!

Most companies are trying to consolidate, and improve profitability/conserve cash as most expansion plans have either been postponed or called off. With no tearing hurry to hire, they have been testing how elastic their present manpower team can become! ( If hitherto 8 were assigned a project, the same was being done just as efficiently by 7, then 6..with companies checking if 5 empowered folks-without a supervisor- do just as well?)

And so while back-filling is surely on their mind, it is dictated in a much more compelling fashion! Instead of settling for people who would just do the job earlier, now the emphasis is- on what else the person can bring to the table-fiercely sticking to the best-and in no mood to compromise on the quality of hire!!

Just to drive home the point, let me share with you some of the best practices that I have been observing of late- with clients' increasing their focus on developing a talent mindset :

-Succession planning superseding 'just-in-time' hiring. Companies are looking at professionals who can grow to positions of higher responsibilities. For eg-auto companies are increasingly hiring local hires to take over from expats who are presently in India on secondment!

-companies have beefed up their internal recruitment teams-and reducing the dependence of using portals/external consultants, and investing in social media hiring/ employer branding. For eg- an MNC hiring someone in Bangalore/Mumbai to do a job earlier done from Singapore!

-companies setting up Centres of Excellence for Talent Acquisition/Talent Management ; increase the benchmark! More than before, filtering out those who have been compulsive job hoppers pay more attention to the tenure and the quality of value added!!

-increasing diversity in hiring-not just at entry level, but also at senior levels-so that the gender imbalance is corrected without delay.

Meanwhile, on the supply side,

-we have been receiving more applications than ever before -for every enquiry. For every Kingfisher who has been in the media for delaying salaries for over 7 months, there are several that haven't caught the public eye yet. Every day one gets calls from candidates who are 'available for immediate hire' they are already in between jobs....

-I am increasingly hearing comments like 'work/life balance', 'lesser commuting time', 'money isn’t really important at this stage of my life (!)', not just from those returning to India-but also those who have been part of the roller coaster ride of the past decade and a half!

Are we likely to see more twists in the hiring game?? Do we see more of the younger generation, forced to look beyond campus hiring, as they are anyway dwindling, become part of the start up ecosystem? Has the time come for adoption of interim managers in India??

Setting expectations...on either side..will keep us recruiters more busy :)!??

Monday, June 11, 2012

Social Media hiring -a passing fad?

I am forever on the lookout for great talent for my clients.

An incorrigible optimist, and a die hard recruiter, I think I have been amongst the early adopters of  every 'next big mousetrap' -for close to two decades now. Trying to hangout where the 'prospects' are likely to be -offline initially (you know the networking events, conferences, trade shows, company canteens,  et al ?)..and online since the past dozen odd years. And believe me- it isnt just being on the bandwagon..but trying to make things happen by constantly experimenting...

-Have been a Linkedin User since April 2004!! (Just checked -my membership number is 457254..meaning I was (am) amongst the first half million users..of a network that today boasts of 160 million professionals!).  As a person who strongly believes in the power of collaboration, you can bet -technically I have a fairly large reach if you were to reckon the network statistics upto my 3rd connections :)!!

-Have been blogging-although intermittently of late- for over 5 years now, with this blog having completed over a lakh page views last year..

- Have been fairly fast off the block -on other social networking platforms too..ryze(remember??), orkut, ning, ...and more recently facebook, twitter, be abreast with what's happening on those platforms too-before laziness got better of me. I guess I am guilty of using applications like tweetdeck and hootsuite to simultaneously post messages on different media..before it dawned on me that I need to be communicating differently on each of those media &!%% :)!

I must confess-  I suspect just being on these platforms doesn't guarantee any results. Or being looked at as a mere disseminator of information! It takes a lot more time -to stay tuned, with the dynamic changes the online world seems to be pacing at, and respond and review the exchanges-before one can even engage people..forget about influencing ...

So, is the ROI in social media indeed a million dollar question that I would not even wager to debate.

(I am convinced..that the cost of NOT being on social media is much higher !! )

Or is it?
By the way, I haven't renounced the traditional ways of a multi pronged effort only enhances the efficiency..and so will probably keep at it-not knowing what makes me more efficient :)!

Yes, I keep browsing job portals too..for reasons different. Believe me- I dont expect our target candidates to be on any jobsite-or even if she/he is- I am positive she/he would not normally be looking actively for a job -and if so..doubt if she/he will be one I wd want to depend on :)!! 

And so- these posts must be seen essentially as a part of a campaign to spread the awareness of such an opportunity -among the ecosystem -to try and increase the funnel of influence...

Am I missing the wood from the trees?? Would love your thoughts/comments/feedback!!

PS :Better still, do you think you could help me with a little experiment? Am trying to evaluate the power of the social reach...

Please visit this job posting, and help me reach out to as many folks as you are connected to...and share it on Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!!

Thanks! Shall keep you updated with my learnings..

Psst..want to work in a startup in the social media space?

 Here is an opportunity to be among the first few employees of a Silicon Valley based stealth mode outfit!!

The founders have been serial entrepreneurs-having built successful businesses in the past. In the USA and India. And now embarking on a product that could change the way people get their dream jobs. 

Itching to be a catalyst in the process??

Spread the word- and help yourself come closer your calling :)!!

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Recruidea is a startup revolutionizing the recruiting space by blending social media in the recruiting process. We are looking to add to our team some key developers who share our passion to transform the way recruiting has traditionally been done. Apply for immediate consideration if your profile matches our requirement:
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Recruidea is a startup revolutionizing the recruiting space by blending social media in the recruiting process. We are looking to add to our team some key developers who share our passion to transform the way recruiting has traditionally been done. Apply for immediate consideration if your profile matches our requirement:
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Experience developing web applications using Java, JavaScript.
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up ...thanks to (Mis) Quotes?

The last couple of months just flew. 

I really don't have any excuses to give regarding my hibernation..other than inertia. For me, it has been a period of revisiting a lot of first principles, say the least. And, perhaps there wasn't much to write about too! So,I must thank my newspaper reading get me back with today's effort of posting a blog after 10 weeks! 

I have always found it difficult to explain why I follow read 3 business dailies and 2 local papers. However much I mention they all portray different perspectives, I am positive no one really believes me.

Take the coverage of Mr LN Mittal's media interaction post the Bhatinda refinery. Mind you, these are headlines.Front page.

Economic Times : India no Longer Priority for LNM. Slow decision -making & approvals put him off.

One first glance-one almost gets contradictory vibes, right? Of course, if one were to dive deep into the details, you get the flavour alright. But then, in a fast paced world-where one is constantly bombarded with information, it is difficult to depend on one source!!

When I was putting away the main papers, the supplement "Education Plus' (Hyderabad edition of The Hindu.).caught my attention : Social media throws up many job opportunities! Well, it so happened -that this seemed a report on a presentation made on Friday at the SHRM forum in Hyderabad -which yours truly attended -and so know exactly what was communicated ! It was amusing to see a quote of mine-and it would be a cliche if I were to say " I was misquoted " :)!!

Let me try and put on record what I tried to share -as my experience as a recruiter using social media...

-there is a need to distinguish between the 'active jobseekers' ( those who throng the job portals-are perceived to be unemployed/underemployed/ disgruntled...) and the 'passive jobseekers'-who aren't really looking for a job-and usually very happy doing what they are...and less prone to reading/reacting to job ads.

(From the job seeker today's world one wdn't want to take a' frog in the well' stand..and so most do entertain recruiters for what they are worth!)

From the recruiter perspective, Social media is a good tool to catch such 'passive' folks..doing what they other forums..either networking, or sharing gyan with professional groups, catching them offgaurd- and then 'engage' them enough to see if there are any compelling reasons to be 'hooked'!

-there is no 'one size fits all' solution even in social media..and so one needs to communicate people are on different platforms for different reasons. If Twitter helps share perspectives, Facebook is where one hangs out with pals, and Google plus a place one gets to share one's passion..while Linked in is where one puts a formal appearance!!

Social media, to me- is yet another source. Eventually it is about diving deep..into the human mind, and get a better hang of what makes a person tick...

What is your take? Would love your comments..

PS Nice to know I have got over the writers block for now...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Swarming, Collaboration, Social...but Recruiting!?

  Hive mind: Working around the clock in hyper-connected 'swarms' - is this the future of work?

The article by Tom Austin, VP, Gartner on the Changing Nature of Work -as part of the BBC Future of Work Series is a must read for any professional. He lists about 10 key ways on how work will change-that include de-routinisation of work, collectivity among others, as the trends to stay. But while it is easy to theoretically  relate to the likelihood of such events, practically, most often we practitioners are hesitant to over-rule precedence !!

As part of NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network, we enable our respective clients hire LOCAL talent GLOBALLY across 25 countries.We are an affiliation of more than 400 recruiting firms with sound, high quality business practices adhering to strict ethical standards, specialising in a large variety of industries & covering an extensive range /reach of technical and managerial disciplines. It is a no-brainer-when it comes to the power of collaboration & expertise...which we share for a split in the referral fees that accrues.

Given the globalisation, and the geographies, we see novel experiments being rolled out by companies operating across multiple regions. However, the challenges are there too ; it is increasingly difficult for most of us to admit the 'half life' of the best practices we are presently used to!

For instance-it would be interesting to study how one approaches the Professional fees for the recruitment -considering the existence of a Provenance Paradox of the fees! Traditionally the Executive Search fees for assignments in the West (US, Europe and even Asia Pac) is significantly higher than in India- not just due to currency conversion, (or the Purchasing Power Parity factor) but also the fee percentage that is the norm.

Yes, in 2012 itself, there have been some interesting discussions with clients-based in India- for hiring professionals for their international operations... and ironically, all of them -where we have had successful record of domestic placements!!

Case 1: An European MNC whom we have had been servicing for positions in India- has recently expanded -thru acquisition, in Asia Pac-and wished to hire a local native there-with the specific skills. While we at Options, were quick to dive deep into our NPA network and arrange a shortlist of the best local talent in the region, the hiccup was the 'contractual fee'!

Would the rate be the same if an European firm had hired in Thailand? What would they pay a Thailand based firm ? Both would be paid market rates, right? Since the service provided is the same, why deny an India based firm provided the same fee :)?!

Case 2: An Indian conglomerate wishes to hire an Expat with a specific skill set-as the company is embarking on a couple of projects-of the size & complexity not matched within India so far. While they are willing to to pay topnotch dollars for the right person, they were constrained to introduce a 'cap' on the fees- in line with an equivalent Indian salary- to keep costs in control. The 'benchmarked figure' shocks the NPA partners in Europe -for that's equivalent to the fees they would have received for a middle management placement!!

Case 3: An Indian MNC wants to roll out a project simultaneously in 4 different European markets-and needs professionals of local origin -in each of those markets, to be 'one point contact' for the client & the company. The Indian talent acquisition team would like to keep the 'hiring cost' in line with their domestic practice!!

It is anybody's guess-to predict the decision maker's pick. Recall the adage " “no one ever lost their job buying from IBM."?

And in a world, where we partner with clients -and are influencing (not controlling!), it is a conundrum -worth reflecting :)!!

PS: I am transported back to the 80's & reminded of my Professor during the MBA days-who drilled us the basics in management accounting.."Cost is a concept. Pricing is a Policy". How would you approach the dilemma, if you were a HR manager? Or as a recruiter? Looking forward to your insights, as usual!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jobs are back in Asia !!

"I have been on the dashboard for over two decades now-and I cannot remember more than 4 or 5 occasions when we had more job enquiries than members seeking opportunities for their candidates! And over the last few weeks I have had at least 4 looking at positions to fill in Asia"! 

Those words were gushed by Marcia Bateman, Member Services Manager, NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network- (that me- and over 400 other recruitment firms -across 25 countries are associates of- )as we had our monthly conference call yesterday. The call is an excuse for some of us to share the various mandates that we Asia members to touchbase occasionally and chat up, as we share the mandates we need help on-as well as trade insights on the latest trends and best practices thereof!

And before long -some of the HOT openings we shared -were spread across different industries! 

But as one always is taught..the devil is in the detail

Let me explain by listing out a few of the opportunities (in the order of those who talked on the call..!)

-Marketing Director for Metals/Paint company in Malaysia -local candidate
-Sales Manager, Shanghai, for a Malaysian based Food testing company
-Expat Executive Chef for a 5star hotel group in Seoul
-Financial Controller in Jakarta ( for an Indonesian native with US CPA qualification)
-Head Infrastructure for an IT major in Manila ( local native!!)
-CFO Shanghai for a US MNC (with knowledge of English & Mandarin)
-In house legal counsel for a leading law firm in HongKong (familiar with local laws in China & the region)

Psst: let me know if you know anyone who would fit, and I shall connect you to the right person-and help folks live out their dreams!!

Believe me-each one of those pay very competitive salaries -upwards of $100K USD with benefits etc-but one cannot miss the irony- the roles are no longer for generalists- but for specialists with a niche expertise AND local experience-with an international qualification/experience!!

Of course, there are a whole bunch of positions open in the US- but most companies are reluctant to process work visas-and would ideally not pay relocation charges. ( An increasing trend to encourage better premium for local candidates!?)

Even before the end of the day, yesterday, I got a couple of more enquiries:

-A referral from a Chinese associate of mine-for his Cyprus based client- wanting to hire some sales professionals for Europe-with professionals of Indian, Korean and Vietnamese origin!!
- An erstwhile Israeli client in the telecom sector-wanting to hire technical service professionals to be based in Thailand-post an acquisition of another company in the domain-and wanting to expand their network!

Phew..all in a days work!! Mandates are definitely ON. Maybe I should be get used to looking for techniques to find needles in a haystack more :)!

Any ideas on how I should be reacting to the news..that jobs are back ?!!Is there something I am missing? Ideas most welcome...

PS. Companies are just not willing to hire fast as people willing to change!!

( Am stumped by over 1300 responses to a Center Director/ 500plus for a HR manager role posted-with less than 2% of the applicants in the zone!!)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jobs in India: Cautious Optimism!?

Over the past week or so, all the majors in the hiring sector in India- have come up with surveys -finally admitting that the hiring in the last quarter has declined-and that there is a likelyhood that things would not be too different in the coming quarter.

The Wall Street Journal blog post " Who is hiring in 2012?" probably sums up the scenario best. Others play around with data & try to look for positive indices, attributed the dip due to end of the year holiday season, while one even hints at an upbeat in India hiring as 71% companies are more active!

As a recruitment practitioner for over two decades now, I have been, in hindsight, fortunate to be part of the employment sentiments -before the liberalisation happened in early 90s in India, and have absorbed the vibrations of several different cycles of sunrise industries -going through their life cycles-helping me have a fair grip on the pulse of the job market -as one is constantly in touch with the expectations of the employer & the aspiring employees.

I feel -somewhere-as a community-we aren't ready to grow up and accept the reality. Globalisation!

At the macro level, all of our lives are being increasingly affected by the events across the globe & denting the business sentiments/confidence levels. Be it the variation in the Dollar Rupee variation, they do have an impact on the Indian economy too-and the expectations of all the stakeholders in the ecosystem- investors, businessmen, governments-and their ability to afford or even put off consumption.

Indian GDP and manufacturing growth has slowed down.
Elevated inflation levels for a prolonged duration.
High interest rates
And yes, the sudden consciousness of  the pervasion of 'corruption' has its say too. Nearer to Hyderabad, the increased attention for CBI into the nexus of politicians & businessmen ( must admit it isn't polarised to any single party-each one has its own share of skeletons in their cupboards yet to be disclosed !!) has seen drying up of any major expansion plans/new projects.

I see different reactions from different employers trying to get themselves out of this rut :

-Some have resorted to severe cost cutting

*Rightsized their employee strength over the last few quarters.
*Review the ratio of managers & those who execute.
*Stop back filling of positions that have arisen due to attrition
*Increasingly insisting on the employees to serve out the entire duration of 2/3 months -once they put in their papers-as it means better utilisation of trained talent for that stretch-as well as review the impact of the handover
*Change the hiring mix: hire a lot of entry level employees to bring down the cost

-while others have exploring avenues for growth of revenue also

*investing in alliances to leverage on collective strengths
*innovating processes and delivery
*changing customer mix
*moving into new markets
* looking for getting "More out of Less".

All this means -there is an increasing emphasis on the quality of hiring being done.

-Companies no longer resort to hiring 'tresspassers' or even the best among those immediately visible-but are willing to wait for the right person who could be a game changer!

-Cherry picking is the mantra! Companies are willing to pay extra for those 'game changers' who can 'do the extra'.

In such a scenario, it is surprising to see quite a lot of prospective hires rule themselves out-as perhaps they are outbidding themselves :

-some returning Indians expecting an expat salary while wanting a piece of the India action
-some pitching themselves at the salary that their bosses get- without having the ability to deliver as much. I think that's is a story that needs a separate blog post :)!

And all this-when as a recruiter, I am seeing more applicants than ever before..for most positions I am soliciting for.

Would you believe it..I got over a few hundred respondents to a "Centre Director' role that I advertised for...even though the spec was very clear & the client is looking for the proverbial 'needle in the haystack'!!

Cautious Optimism : is it an oxymoron ? Or mere euphemism? I shall be glad to have your views...

Monday, January 02, 2012

Right place at the right time!

Great time to review : Is our future linked to the places where the action is likely to be?

In March 2011 McKinsey Quarterly published this report on the Global Cities of the future.

Please click for the extremely educative & interesting interactive link here to be in sync of perhaps how the  World will look like -in a little over a dozen years from now!!

Middleweight companies in Emerging Markets are poised to deliver more growth than the entire developed world and the mega cities in the Emerging markets combined!! ie 400 cities like Casablanca, Chengdu, Nagpur, Sharjah, Vadodara, & Visakhapatnam, among others are likely to contribute to the 40% of the global growth in the next 15yrs.

Things worth mulling over..atleast for the future of our children?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Connecting the dots

A few hours into 2012, I reflect on the year that went past. 

In my first blog post of last year, I had wished 2011 to be a year of consolidation . It was. But not in the way I would have imagined. Then.

The changing business dynamics,globally at the pace at which it did, meant that one needed to re-invent the way one operated and learn new tricks to stay relevant.

Companies are no longer content hiring the best person in sight-and rightly so, are willing to invest in the right person who can be making that game changing difference. As professionals, we have to focus on just getting those few things right always-and stay ahead of the learning curve.

I am grateful that, personally & professionally, it was a year of greatest transformation. Challenging a lot of things that were 'accepted as norm', I am glad I am following my heart & intuition. 

1. Adding value to a few select clientele -and improve quality of hiring.

2. Aiding the recruitment fraternity -both corporate as well as third party recruiters, by sharing the best practices & knowledge management to enhance the quality of every hire

3. Attempting to being a trusted advisor to some discerning professionals who want to take charge and navigate their careers better.

We continue on the journey as  talent architects...

In 2012, I am committed to exploring opportunities for co-creation of services & orchestrate the network of relationships built so far... to improve the overall impact -to the organisations we closely have been partnering with, as well as making a difference to the individuals I can!