Sunday, January 01, 2012

Connecting the dots

A few hours into 2012, I reflect on the year that went past. 

In my first blog post of last year, I had wished 2011 to be a year of consolidation . It was. But not in the way I would have imagined. Then.

The changing business dynamics,globally at the pace at which it did, meant that one needed to re-invent the way one operated and learn new tricks to stay relevant.

Companies are no longer content hiring the best person in sight-and rightly so, are willing to invest in the right person who can be making that game changing difference. As professionals, we have to focus on just getting those few things right always-and stay ahead of the learning curve.

I am grateful that, personally & professionally, it was a year of greatest transformation. Challenging a lot of things that were 'accepted as norm', I am glad I am following my heart & intuition. 

1. Adding value to a few select clientele -and improve quality of hiring.

2. Aiding the recruitment fraternity -both corporate as well as third party recruiters, by sharing the best practices & knowledge management to enhance the quality of every hire

3. Attempting to being a trusted advisor to some discerning professionals who want to take charge and navigate their careers better.

We continue on the journey as  talent architects...

In 2012, I am committed to exploring opportunities for co-creation of services & orchestrate the network of relationships built so far... to improve the overall impact -to the organisations we closely have been partnering with, as well as making a difference to the individuals I can!

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