Saturday, August 02, 2014

3 things that sets apart a good IT recruiter

We have noticed over the years that setting apart a great IT recruiter from a not so great one is very simple. However, application of the right attitude and values to be a great IT recruiter is something only 1% of IT recruiters commit to. If you want to be in that top 1%, here is the secret sauce.

#Technology savvy

In this era of technology, no professional can excuse themselves from being technology savvy. Moreover, having made the choice of being an IT recruiter, you need to love technology to meet people in that sector. If you abhor technology, you will not like the people you interact with. This will be the end of every beginning. You will know why that would be the case when you read the next value you need to adopt.

Great recruiters use technology to create great solutions.
“If your recruiters don’t know the difference between Java and Javascript, for example, the candidate will have a low opinion of your organization.” Jennifer Sheets, CEO of MasterStaff

#Love people

If you are not a people’s person, being in the recruitment industry does not make any sense. Recruitment as a function involves dealing with people and handling relationships. This is not at all a ‘job act’, but a genuine and natural way of approach imperative to an aspiring recruiter. Recruiters, irrespective of the sector they choose really love talking to people, hearing out to little things that they share and offer them career solutions. They are genuine with what they speak and how they interact with job seekers.

#Know the job thoroughly

Great IT recruiters don’t stop at reading the job descriptions, they go beyond that. They want to achieve the best for the people, they interact with. This requires a recruiter to understand the sector of operation, no.of vacancies to be filled, why are they being filled, what is the company expecting out of the candidate and what is candidate looking for through a change. A recruiter plays the role of a charming magician and a marketer.

It takes immense skill to build relationships, identify right talent for given needs and help job seekers. We are looking for people with such skill sets who can drive recruitments and build more happy careers.  If you are internet savvy and a peoples’ person, who can identify talent in the IT sector for different needs, drop in your resume to <email id>

We are looking for someone who:

> Can handle recruitment requirement independently
> Needs to be internet and social media savvy
> Can build relationships and drive vacancy closures
> Can close 2 to 3 positions every month.
> Can hire resources for product companies

Who is Hiring?

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