Monday, April 14, 2014

Employment is an agenda of every political party. What about EMPLOYABILITY?

Amidst the political chaos in India, citizens won’t miss to hear about employment in the agenda of political manifesto. Here is a word that political parties could use which may excite both recruiters and job seekers. More than employment, the long term need is employability that needs to be added to the agenda. Each candidate hired needs to add value to a company’s growth.

In 2013, ASSOCHAM had proposed inclusion of employability in the manifestos of political parties. This received attention from the Rajasthan State government which further worked towards introducing skill development programs and entrepreneurship education. It create a great turnover which should be stated as an example to the nation.

Why is this the need of the hour?

With fast changing technology, immediate entrance of Gen Z  and increase in restructuring of workforce; employability is the most alarming subject to be attended to.

Obsolete workforce: Obsolescence of workforce is an issue, discussed extensively, since the inception of the concept workforce productivity. Problem of obsolescence still persists with higher rate of change in technology and the higher rate of adaptability required by the existing workforce in learning and implementing the ever changing technology. Though workforce has moved towards increasing their learning curve, it is not proactive enough to seek the desired results. For instance, people in occupations like teaching, accounting, marketing and so on.  This is seen right from freshers to employees who need to adopt and apply them at work.

Gen Z round the corner: It is not just business organizations but also, political parties who are looking upto adding Gen Z into their target audience. Gen Z is promising pocket of audience both as customers and voters. Such importance is again largely connected to how tech savvy recruiters are and what political parties understand about the needs of Gen Z. Business organizations have to answer if they are ready for Gen Z before harping about employability. Political parties on the other hand, need to study if their agenda is strong enough to conduct inclusive activity with the next generation citizens to improve employability. Gen Z come with a DNA to adapt quickly to the changing trends with bigger learning curves. This needs to be capitalized. Value addition of this ilk in the roles of customers, employees and voters depends upon their employability skills.

Increasing restructuring: Here is another reason why, employability is most required. With many public limited companies in India making headlines for generating pink slips and introducing voluntary resignation schemes, it definitely calls for some thinking. Have the employees contributed enough for companies to grow and have the companies motivated and provided enough direction for their employees to showcase intrapreneurship. Increasing restructuring answers these questions.

These trends reinstate the focus required by business and political ecosystem, towards raising the degree of skill and emancipating unskilled literate rate through better employability. It is not just about better adaptability and learning curves but is about inculcating entrepreneurial thinking by stepping out of a mere employee role. This not only helps the employer in gaining profits but also enhances and build an employee’s personal wealth by creating the ability to create more employment.

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