Friday, April 18, 2014

Opportunity to share one’s learning as a ‘Returning Indian’

We spotted an Opportunity that feels more like your heart’s calling. Especially to those who intended to return to India, bring back their years of lessons and share a slice of global exposure to the next generation. Here is how it reads...

Job Title: Passion combined with years of earned wisdom.
Job Description: We invite brave youngsters who stepped outside India few decades ago and have grown into wise men and women. Are you one of them? If you are, we invite you to bring back insights gained over your stint at different organizations. Here is an opportunity to stay in your own country and serve it in a noble way. We invite you to share our campus, grow with us and make a difference for our nation. We welcome you.

Share your skills and knowledge in your field of expertise. Your job involves responsibilities like:
  • Shaping your country’s future citizens with relevant and up-to-date industry experience.
  • Making the best into better beings
  • Introducing discipline for perfection
  • Adding hope to the future of nation
  • Listening to virgin thoughts from youngsters
  • Mastering the art of re-learning
  • Mentoring dispassionately

Does this drive you to guess the job? If you were unable to guess it, but have been inspired to take up this job, then the description has achieved its objective. If you have guessed that this is something to do with teaching, then you already have it in you.

We will connect you to this institution, which is opening doors for three streams of education viz, Engineering, Management and Science. The institution is a vision being realized by a renowned company in India and is looking for faculty in these areas and for quality PhD candidates with teaching and/or industry experience. They are offering accommodation on campus with basic amenities. The campus holds a strong student base with CBSE background.

Feel free to know more about this opportunity [email protected] or share with someone who is looking for a platform like this.

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