Sunday, May 06, 2018

Listed in SHRM India's 'Top 30 Indian #HR Influencers Active on #SocialMedia'

Over the last week, SHRM just concluded their Tech Conference in Hyderabad. This year too they brought out a list of 30 most influential HR people on social media.

#Humble Brag - I am delighted to be featured in this list!

Here is the link for more details on the methodology, and the list of the individual names.

Personally, this is the third time I made it into the list in the 5 years that SHRM has complied it, and dedicate this 'recognition' to Gautam Ghosh, for it was he, who handheld in to my foray into Blogging, about 13 years ago. ( the term 'social media' wasn't known then!!)

And during this time, I was bestowed with beginners luck, as I found myself amongst some top recruitment blogs. Blogging made one google-able then, and of course it was Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter that perhaps been changing the game since.

Yes,I was fortunate to be listed twice in the list of top 20 by SHRM in 2013 & 2107.I must confess that the first time I was overwhelmed-and when it happen later after a gap,I didn't think I would belong there for too long :)!

Photo image courtesy Vijay Bankar

So this year, I must confess my self to be lucky myself in the top 5 for the first time. And I feel it is entirely because the algorithm (methodology adopted by SHRM) incorporated the number of followers, and the engagement on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and the Klout score. #this too shall pass

I am very much conscious, that as the world now sees more millennials coming in to the workforce, the future would be engagement on Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and the like, and I am severely challenged on those fronts now!!

To me, social media has been the window to the world of learning. Be it blogging, or the social networks, or the engagement platforms, it is simply amazing to note that the universe of networking is at one's finger tips. 

I have been essentially following thought leaders across different domains, and curating information, it helps me to relate to the ecosystem very well, and stay relevant. They say the Six degrees of separation has since reduced. Facebook (in 2011) said that the average person was separated by 4.57 degrees-and it is now supposed to 3.something!

I know a lot of us are skeptical about these lists, but I am increasingly learning it helps, as more like an indicative reading index, and access to the extended network. It helps us stay abreast with the best practises in various domains

In this world,where Google is the GOD on the information highway, we have some exits -to connect and engage with some individuals who can help us be enlightened with some insights.

Please do feel free to reach me- if I can add value to your network. It is possible that I can help you connect to someone-who might be able to connect you to the person you need :)!

And meanwhile, feel free follow any of the twitter handles, among others, and be abreast on the latest in the HR domain in India. Again courtesy Vijay Bankar!

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