Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dataquest best employers survey in the IT industry

The leading mag DATAQUEST had published a Employers Survey in September 2006. The survey covered 250 IT companies across 7 cities-and further shortlisted 32 companies to conduct an employee satisfaction index. The top 20 can be seen here.

There are some interesting observations:-

  • More than 50% of the companies that made it to the Top 20 this year are niche players. Take for example Induslogic and Aztecsoft. The two are among the Top 10 star employers and both specialize in outsourced product engineering. Employees in these companies get to work on high-end technology and hardcore product development and that's the primary differentiator with the likes of Infosys and Wipro.
  • Interestingly, according to the survey, while employees do not see salary as the most critical component of their dream job, it remains the most important reason for taking up a new job - over 54% respondents sighted salary as the topmost consideration for a new job.

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