Thursday, October 19, 2006

Money isn't the topmost reason for changing jobs

Heres an interesting interview with Iain Herbertson, managing director of Manpower Asia Pacific on the challenges of finding and retaining talent in India

According to a survey done by them, the top reasons executives left their jobs was

1.because they felt they weren’t receiving enough training in new skills. development

3 more money!

Very critical, as he further admits-
“India has robust employment growth in key sectors. Even as the economy grows at 7-8 per cent, the services sector’s growth is nearly three times that. Hence the pressure on finding, acquiring and retaining top talent is only going to increase.

Indian companies will have to address this challenge seriously because businesses in India will soon be people restrained. They will not be restrained by capital or by manufacturing capabilities, but by the lack of the right people.

That’s good news..but are we as professionals geared up to deliver??

Coming to think of it, have you done any audit for yourself..-what are the skills you need to possess & how do you propose to achieve them??

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