Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to search for a job in India

If you are interested to move to India from another country some of the most popular ways of finding jobs in India are :

  1. with one's present employer –setting up India ODC (both captive/vendor)
  2. exploring with past employers ( with whom one may have worked before moving out of India) who have major India presence
  3. reaching out to family /friends who have already made the transition
  4. attending India specific jobfairs time and again (eg
  5. browsing jobsites in India ( eg,
  6. applying to companies directly based on their campaigns (eg Wipro's Return2India site)
  7. browsing other websites like
  8. contacting recruitment consultancies
The best way ofcourse –is to use a judicious mix of some of the above –at the same time ensuring there is not any duplication of work or effort. One certainly would not want to see the same resume reach the same hiring manager –from multiple sources!!

I shall be glad to share my experiences- as a predominantly contingent search player –with a fair share of ‘retained search assignments’ and also as a specialist in touch with returning/ returned Indians who have reached out to me personally. We work extensively on middle and senior management positions
  • both directly with some of the best names in the industry
  • as well as closely /indirectly with a network of similar minded recruitment firms
  • across major cities in India
  • who are keen to hire professionals with international flavour
  • please check out our site for some of the “not so confidential" openings we have worked on recently!!

Happy hunting !!


Anonymous said...

Can I ask why so few of these siites make referance to salary, it is difficult to consider a role when you have no idea about the earning potential.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article that very well summarizes how to go about searching for jobs in India.

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