Sunday, October 15, 2006

Searching for jobs in India

Returning to India?

I guess there are a lot of views expressed over time and debated !!

I used to be a moderator of the jobs forum in late nineties –before SIFY bought over the above site in early 2000!

In late 2000, I did have the pleasure of personally meeting about 50 odd professionals who expressed a desire of returning to India –in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, the Silicon Valley and Redmond!!

Most of them –then were mostly looking at India for personal reasons-and weren't exactly sure if it was really alright to leave US and come back. Looking back – most issues discussed revolved around how India had changed from the time most had left it!! The education, the quality of life, …and an occasional reference to what kind of job could one expect!!

Well, lot has happened since. The dotcom boom, the outsourcing phenomenon, … Now, in 2006, the India phenomenon is a given fact.

Most of the people who return today-are doing so –for professional reasons. A stint in India (or in China) –is certainly a MUST for the global professional today. In fact, there is a school of thought..that perhaps not moving to India now..may not be a smart idea after all!!

Over the last 7 years, I have personally interacted with more than a few hundred professionals exploring opportunities in India-by mail, by phone, over lots of personal meetings across major cities in India (while they were on their vacation/official visits) !

This blog is an attempt to address some of the concerns raised by some of them. I shall be glad if some of you could give me pointers so that we can find the best use of this forum!!


Anonymous said...

I agree to it, thats exactly why i choose China over UK...i think over the year it will add value..

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Anonymous said...

Great point... Yes, Asian professionals (especially Indians) are looking to head back...