Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pay hike unlikely when you call it quits?

From ET:In a buoyant market with so many job opportunities, one would expect corporates to keep their employees happy –and go any extent to retain them!! A recent report indicates that the company is more likely not to accede to a hike in salary.

Me thinks the inflection point is –when the employee actually has to look beyond his present job/employment to find what he loves doing.

So it is imperative for the HR fraternity find innovative tactics to keep the person engaged so as to preempt one to looking for greener pastures!

- Cannot jobs for some of the key people be designed with them as the fulcrum? Build a role around the professional?

- Can telecommuting be a solution?

- Some may even take a drop in salaries to handle for a better work-life balance?

- Since most people anyway leave “their bosses” and not so much the company, isn't it easy to realign the reporting structure ?

Isn't it ironical most often –the new incumbent comes in at a higher salary……….taking into considerations the market conditions ?

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Neo said...

To add to your point.
Theres always a saying that the topmanagement should always look at the boss whose employee is leaving.