Monday, October 23, 2006

Seeking a job in India - Or a Career?

As a recruiter handling recruitment of executives with international experience, I get at least one phone call a day from an aspiring returnee-and the queries/comments usually are very similar!

How can one can land a great gig, with companies that are going global and in companies that were non-existent a few yrs ago, without actually moving to India and searching from the sidelines for 3-6 months?

Even a recent passout from the ISB got over a crore of rupees- !!

Not a single company has responded to the resume I have sent

Most jobs are posted anyway by the consultants. All they do is make us fill questionnaires –and then say “ we shall get back”!!

I know of people who have moved back to India on a dollar salary..

No one responds to mails!!

All they want to know is qualifications and yrs of experience..
The debate can go on –and on. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

My own personal take- is that the solution lies in the approach we take! When one goes abroad for an overseas assignment, one is willing to look at the move as a long term career move. It is accepted that one has to work one’s way up the ladder, rung by rung- prepared to add on skills required for the career transition for success abroad!

But when one plans to come back to India-is one justified to expect everything on a platter??

Is the job market in India significantly different –say from US or Europe?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Achyut,

I am going through the same pain as I am looking for a job in India. No body replies and nobody cares. I am fed up so I am going to return without a job and start something of my own.

Came to your blog through sramana mitra's blog( a favorite of mine).