Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An expatriate's account of "jobs in India"!!

Here are some interesting tidbits from a blog written by an expat! It is essentially in the context of challenges /opportunities for expatriates looking for professional assignments in India-be it short term, NGO , or corporate positions in India.

1.Compensation Rates: Even when a person has a job offer, the salary rates are exceedingly low. A “good” local salary is approximately 25% - 30% of what professionals would earn in the United States or Europe. Many positions pay far less.

2.High Touch in a High Tech Environment: In spite of the technology boom, networking and personal connections are still necessary to locate a satisfactory job.

3.Expatriates Work in Interesting Roles: Expatriates can find interesting, challenging roles, often with daily access to chief executive officers and policy-makers.
4. Buying Power of the Indian Rupee: A comparison of the relative purchasing power of India and the United States reveals that India’s per capita GDP of $523 provides $2,686 in purchasing power. In the US, a GDP of $35,000 purchases $37,000 worth of goods and services. Therefore, a rupee-denominated salary purchases many more local goods and services in India than the dollar equivalent salary buys goods and services in the US.

I shall probably add that while it is truly a validation of the thoughts and expressions made elsewhere in this blog regarding the salary expectations, it is reaffirming the impression..India is increasingly becoming a destination that one can't ignore for too long in future!

Happy hunting!!

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