Monday, November 13, 2006

IT Job Market in India- tips by a returned Indian!!

Here is a chronicle by a returned Indian- who made the transition last year. It is a must read for all those prospective returning Indians- as he has tried to document his thoughts & experiences in the transition.

And this is what he has to say

1.The work environment in India-especially IT companies is very similar to that abroad!
2.Pay attention to a work-life balance.
3.Be willing to consider a drop in salary for a better quality of life.
4.The support systems for dual working couples are still arent adequate and it may be area of concern that should be debated even while contemplating the relocation to India.
5.The best option for the relocation is one –that is facilitated by your own employer!

As a recruiter,I would like to add-if you need to look outside your present employer to relocate to India, the best way to look for a job –is to make a 2 week trip to India and have a first hand feel of the Indian job market-especially considering that most would have gone to US for higher studies-without any “Indian “ corporate experience.

It would help in appreciating the realities and also set right some of ones expectations.And yes, what a employer wd evaluate in this case –is the "need to relocate" to India and the passion to make it a succesful career move!!

Happy hunting!!


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