Friday, November 10, 2006

US city invites Indian entrepreneurs to invest!!

I was fortunate to attend a meeting yesterday when Mr Roger Cranwell and Mr Girish Godbole evangelised Pittsburg -promoting the region to attract technology & manufacturing investments as the right place to invest in !

It was a place Mr Cranwell had spent 15 yrs (and Mr Godbole 22yrs)-and so it wasn't too difficult for them to list out the history of a city which houses Carnegie Mellon and Univ of Pittsburg, the home to Alcoa, Heinz, Ariba and Google's R&D-the low cost of doing business, better quality of life and a wonderful climate to top it all! It was remarkable to note that this was not being organised by the State or the Government-but purely an initiative of the industry..which has bonded the city after a major meltdown in early 90s of the local economy.

The program was organised by the TiE chapter, and iPort , and was attended by a sprinkling of local Hyderabadi entrepreneurs -the most prominent of them being Mr J A Chowdary (fresh from announcing the acquisition of Portal Player by nvidia! , Mr Jay Pullur of Pramati technologies.

There was also an announcement of a forthcoming meeting next week by the Pennsylvania department of community and economic development-also at Hyderabad-inviting investments to the "gateway of North America"!!

An indication of the rising Indian entrepreneur??

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