Thursday, December 28, 2006

Country Manager opening in India- KPO based in Delhi region

It is almost a couple of months since we first started looking at some exciting profiles for a 'returning Indian ' Country Manager opening for a KPO - the search is almost over!!

Well –now we are open to those candidates who are also based in India-and have a strong operational exposure. Some one who has managed large teams (above 150 professionals) and willing to work US work hours based in India. Ideally the person would have familiarity with the dynamics of an offshore/onsite relationship.

Professionals with process improvement (six sigma) skills –and those who can assure profitable service excellence are invited to reach me offline- so that I can fill them in with the necessary inputs.

We plan to finalise the selection process by mid January !!


Anonymous said...


I am working in a kpo based company and want to entend my knowledge further. I have entire knowledge from data processing to analysing to closing a claim.
Further I want to start a kpo in Bangalore, India.
You can contact me on +919880934848 or [email protected]

Anonymous said...

Though KPO is on rise in India but I can also see a rise in plagiarism, hackers and stupid outsourcing companies in India.

Where is the security of company who like to outsource to India? There is no law in India that protect a dotcom company based in India, them how the overseas people are secured??

I like to give one fair example on how a stupid hacker from India called Ankur Patel has been projecting himself as a large KPO Company :)

He has copied every bit of contents from a fairly older company called and edited his old site at Copied Word to word and giving the same service. Any smart developer can understand how to check that.

My point is how Indian Government is providing safeguard to companies of USA or UK until and unless they cant save there own companies??

People like Infotrex or Ankur Patel are definitely not going to help small business. When their base is on stolen Idea or stolen contents, How one can sure that the services hire from India will be a safe investment??

Anonymous said...

There are some people who are trying to defame Ankur Patel & Infotrex, but its not true. I have deal with Ankur. He is very nice to deal with & honest person. The only copy problem happened was because of the designer who put content on Infotrex site. When it was checked by Ankur himself, the site & content were changed.

Ankur is a knowledgable person and was invited to IIM Ahmedabad, Wipro, BlueStar Infotech & many other companies for their corporate training. Infotrex staff is also well trained and professional. I will highly recommend Ankur & Infotrex to all kind of outsourcing work. Just deal with them once and you will feel the difference.

Anonymous said...

Infotrex (new domain had copy data from another website ( again. Same company is keep stealing data and content from other website. Infotrex has horrible hard time surviving in website business. First Infotrex had copy the whole content from and now Infotrex Service had register a new domain and copy all the content from
Ankur Patel and his team is keep doing these again and again. Do not work with Infotrex and any of his sub companies. They can not manage their own site and business, how come they will help their clients to build their Site and Business. Any smart, knowledgeable customer will never approach with Infotrex and Ankur Patel.

Anonymous said...

Clearly if some one looks from an impartial eye, he can understand that Ankur Puttar is a copy cat...nothing original about it.He has a very normal profile, nothing extraordinary about it...He is like a hyena, wanting to survive on spare meat. I wish the hyena good luck in his copy cat efforts. Jai Hind.

KPO said...

Indeed, KPO industry is another yet growing industry today. It is very interesting to know that this kind of industry is developing not just in India, but also in other parts of Asia, like the Philippines.