Friday, December 01, 2006

Gaming industry in India- all set to attain escape velocity??

Yesterday, the TiE Hyderabad had arranged a seminar on “Gaming trends “ . For my generation, whose exposure was primarily to the ‘real world ‘ games, the session was simply eye opening. Apart from an occasional solitaire and sudoku that I play on the computer, the challenges of the Xbox, the multiplayer online gaming opportunities, the backend programing of ‘non character players’ in the rendering of gaming content and creativity..was simply mindboggling!! So when it was predicted it would be a 350 million USD market in India by 2010, I was transported to a different world!!

Prady Kuna orchestrated a discussion around the gaming business and gave some insights into the future. Prasad of Kido software Prasad of Kidosoftware spoke about role of AI in the Games Development-Modern gaming consoles pack so much computing power that it is now practical to develop realistic characters that display and mimic their real world counter parts including humans. Rajiv of Green Gold spoke about the scope of creating original Indian animation content. He has developed recent animation hits on Cartoon Network such as Vikram-Betal and Krishna

Salient points that I could take away

1. 60% of games studios outsource today, with this figure projected to rise to 90% by 2008 this presents Indian developers a handful of opportunities.

2. Gamers around the world are looking for new and differentiate content, Indian companies can avail this opportunity and build video games for the global audience.
3. Among the entertainment media, today the top three avenues are Music, Movies and Gaming. With increasing usage of mobile phones, it is likely that mobile gaming would improve penetration, and is likely to play a more important share.

4. While there is an acute shortage of talent-both in the creativity and technology side, the general impression is that the present & future generation of programmers, who have played games as teenagers, would be more passionate and so the vertical is just waiting to take off!!

5. Expenditure on children –has increased three fold in the last 6yrs in India. An indicative trend is the ‘per capita chocolate consumption’ in India that has increased from 200grams to 600 grams from 2000 todate! Compared to the 6kg that the developed countries boast of, India is very much in the nascent stage!

6. And finally-as the economy of a nation improves, there is more to be more spending power in gaming ( a la growth of arts and culture during the reign of the great kings –as a function of the buoyant prosperity!)

I am informed NASSCOM is having a special session on Animation and Gaming segments. The TiE Hyderabad chapter is mulling a special interest group on gaming, and so please stay tuned for opportunities opening up in the sector!!

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