Friday, December 22, 2006

Gartner revises IT spending predictions down in 2007- India jobs galore?

The average predicted IT spending increase for organizations across the world in the coming year is lower than what analysts previously forecast, according to a report by Gartner Inc.
In general, the forecasts by industry reflect the overall penetration of IT in each industry, as well as the perception of how critical IT is -- whether it is viewed
1.strategic partner to the business or more of a commodity or
3.just a cost centre

I think it is time for Indian corporates to stand up and get counted!There is enough opportunities for all Indian companies-and not just get psyched by the possible lower spend!
While the biggies should go up the value chain..helping their clients changing business models and adding new products/services, the mid size companies would do well by helping their clients optimizing some of the day to day operations.
And for those professionals in the US/Europe wanting to relocate to India-here is a great opportunity to position yourself as the catalyst for this transformation.

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