Sunday, December 17, 2006

IIT-BTechs: On the way to millionaires at 22

Campus placements have begun at the IITs in India

Am sure while the media blitz causes a lot of heartburns across the readers, it helps if one reads between the lines:

1.These are typically for jobs by Management consultancies/Financial services majors for positions abroad!

2. As far as domestic jobs are concerned the the average package for the domestic positions now stand in the Rs 6-8 lakh range, slightly better than the previous year.

3.The average is slated to come down, as more of the lower-paying companies will participate in the ensuing phases of the placement drive. This year the higher a company’s salary –the earlier it is allowed to come on campus.Last year on, the institute included other parameters such as company's reputation, salary offered and job profile for the first slot.

Will these salaries pre-empt the brightest from pursuing higher studies abroad –or will stem the flow of of students wanting to join the IIMs??
Any idea of what these salaries at entry level -will impact on those at middle and senior management levels?

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