Friday, January 19, 2007

Competing for global talent??

I was flattered to read Joe Neitham quoting an earlier post of mine, regarding global migration of talent, in his latest post!!

Joe analyses the latest Hudson report on the hiring expecations in Asia-and then, in his own style, exhorts the IT&T and banking companies in Singapore to pro-actively look into their existing salary standards and make necessary changes and sacrifices to remain competitive in the fight for quality talents !!

In another interesting blog listing out the challenges of recruiting in Asia, the author Kevin Wheeler invites HR professionals for an Australasian Talent conference to enable them improve their firm's ability to successfully compete for talent in any Asian country!!

Wow..thats what globalisation is all about!!A free market for the best in offer!

PS: Elsewhere Business Week's Steve Hamm thinks aloud -would 'Americans be forced to pick up and move to another country in search of opportunities, just as Indians have in the past'!?

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