Friday, January 26, 2007

Party time at Davos for India Inc..but time for a wake up call?

As one reads the various business headlines about India-and Indians-across different parts of the world, one is indeed intrigued by the comments!!

Making a case for freer movement of skilled professionals, President George Bush hints that he wants smart Indians to solve America’s problems !

And elsewhere Steve Hamm cautions while there is a lot of happy talk about India and its prospects, which is appropriate, but not much talk about its challenges.

In yet another post, he quotes a customer of his travails of outsourcing to India !

As a recruiter, who has been having a ringside view of the growth of Indian IT industry in the past decade, it is perhaps just a perception issue. A stronger middle management could easily harness the latent talent of the Indian software professional- and address these customer issues more efficiently.

For all those desiring to return to India, especially those with experience in working with MNCs in a global environment-here is a great USP you can add!!

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