Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jobs in India-Chennai the place to be, in 2007?

The India story in the past decade has almost revolved around Bangalore. And while Hyderabad has got a decent share of the media glare, it was Chennai and Tamil Nadu that has outdone -not just the Southern states, but all the other states in India in the past decade!!

One just has to just travel an hour out of Chennai,in any direction-and you wd see the phenomenal growth- of the manufacturing industry-which to my mind, is a much more endearing and long lasting impact than what the service industry can boost. If Dupont has transformed Gummidipundi and the surroundings- Hyundai and Ford have created ancillaries for miles along the other important highways. And one really cant forget Volvo-in Hosur which is practically the neighbour of Bangalore in Karnataka. Traditionally too, in Salem, Madurai, Tiruchi, Namakkal, Coimbatore, Tiruppur- manufacturing industry has been the backbone Tamil Nadu must pride itself as a state ( Save Gujarat with almost a dozen airports) which probably has the most rounded growth in any state in India !

During the last few years, the BPO and ITEs industries too have emerged along the landscape. A senior management professional who manages 2 centres for a MNC –quipped that his operations in Chennai are anyday more profitable than Bangalore! His company has recorded a 20% attrition level in Chennai against 45% in Bangalore, while also having a lower wage bill by 30% in Chennai

Well..I am not even talking about the IT companies, or the financial service companies and the quiet and efficient old economy –predominantly Indian multinational companies, the infrastructure,...

What does the future hold? There are atleast 6 other giants opening up shop in Tamil Nadu in this year!!. The star cast this time around…Dell Computers, Motorola, Samsung, BMW, Komatsu and Apollo Tyres!!
Any guess on the kind of jobs that would be available soon ??

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arun said...

It will be really good if chennai come out to be big....