Wednesday, January 17, 2007

World economic Forum-Infosys CEO predicts power shift

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, Infosys CEO & MD Mr Nandan Nilekani predicts the power shift to emerging economies as they start to integrate into the global trading system.

His points :

1.Globalization- through which global markets for products and services are getting more integrated.

2.Rebalancing of the global labour force.

3. The arrival of internet protocol, the electronification of global transactions, an increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory environment for clients, pressure of the capital market and the increasing granularity of data are all mega trends of change that are hugely impacting most global industries.

He predicts a propelled global growth this year:

- Increased convergence between telecom, media and IT

- The increased competition for hiring talent, particularly in emerging economies·

-The wider adoption of global sourcing as the means to create greater value for all

I personally can see all this leading to a great opportunity for India Inc!! As the fastest growing telecom market in the world, India-with its 'now accepted' talent of IT professionals-should be driving this power shift globally.

With the increasing demand for 'global managers', I feel the Indian professional is poised to attain escape velocity!

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