Monday, February 19, 2007

Fake Certificates, inflated salaries, ...Indian IT industry smothering itself??

It is really disturbing.

Early this morning, I had a call from a recruiter who, I knew had worked with another consultancy,say XYZ consultants, last year for 3 months. She had called me a couple of times earlier refer a classmate of hers. Today she called to seek a favour. She had applied for a job in a tier III company and was on the verge of getting the offer. The prospective employer wanted to check reference, and this lady wanted me to vouch

1 that she had worked for XYZ for 9 months -at a certain inflated salary-and
2. mention that XYZ has since closed-and so it wd be difficult for me to give them too many details

Earlier today in the papers, I had just read fake CVs are ruining IT and the concerned spokesman was hoping that the NASSCOM skills registry would perhaps be the only solution!!

Right now it seems there is a mad rush to milk the 'general boom' that our Industry is supposedly having...and that to me-is seemingly self destructive!!

As a recruiter, I feel there is too many jobs chasing too little skills-and there is an ecosystem being built up -for all the wrong reasons?

And to think -at the supply end, India doesnt have enough engineering professors in the college to educate the software/hardware engineers of the future. Are we going to see the Indian software industry be smothered by its own success?

Any suggestions?? Any remedies before it is too late?
PS Motorola has already shrunk its Bangalore operations..and has since moved the work to China!!


Anonymous said...

As i remember, it was the companies themselves who started this fake certificate thing: One of my friends on joining this "very reputed" MNC tech firm was sent on an international project by showing him as an expert on SAP with 2 years experience while my friend had not worked on SAP till then!

So the rot could be deeper than it may appear to be.

Maddy said...

Very true! Most IT companies are supporting the NASSCOM survey and database to clean out the junk they themselves have introduced.

mahendra said...

During the Body shopping era , companies like Satyam,Wipro , patni etc were faking resumes to place guys abroad..
Now under pressure from US Cleints ( specially after all the accounting frauds,9/11 ), these companies have started these back ground checks and teaching people values of ethics,

Unknown said...

True In IT industry Many Top Level companies having junk Fake Resumes with expierence, they are getting projects by projecting these resumes to bid the projects and thier headcounts is in top list. So the root itself from the companies when they are in verge of getting projects. There is a scarcity of Manpower in India that is why China is grabbing the market.

So the Check referrals loose good technical persons and even loose thier head counts of too much probing of candidates even though they are good assest for the Top MNCs.