Wednesday, February 28, 2007

India recruiters day on March 9th!!

The Indian Recruiter's Day is a day of celebration for the recruiters of India.
A day for all of us to recognise the efforts of our Recruiters, a day to felicitate and honour them. Over 300,000 recruiters from across the country will rejoice in the light of the acknowledgment of their efforts to the Indian economy. On 9th March, ERA is planning a number of activities at each of its chapter locations to bring together all the recruiters.
The day begins with all the recruiters taking a pledge!
At Hyderabad, an "Career Launch: Set The Perspective Right" seminar being hosted by St Ann's College for Women where other college students as well as their parents are welcome too. This would perhaps set atleast a few youngsters start thinking well before they get into a career suitable to them. Another focus is to highlight that recruitments could be looked at as a good career choice that should be pursued.

The afternoon would see about 150 of us from amongst all the Hyd ERA member firms getting together to partake in the fun & joy of being a recruiter. We had an essay contest here " Why I Love Being a recruiter!"
My old pal Joe has written a piece on 'passionate recruiters ' 'passionate recruiters ' which is a good read

My learnings :

Passion + Talent = Success.

Passion is everything in the business of recruiting. Passionate recruiter evolves from being a good recruiter to a great recruiter.

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