Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blogging..and the online buzz!!

Thanks to an intro from Gautam Ghosh , Ms Zeenat Nazir of Indian Express reached to me last week and probed on why I blog!! Well, here is her verdict:-)!!

Ms Zeenat went on to highlight the benefits of blogging!

-From working as ads to getting customer feedback, online ‘buzz’ is doing a lot for small firms, and very cheaply.

- Internet-based buzz marketing tools employ the tried and tested gambit of slipping into the conversational pathways of those who either use products, or make them.

-Besides the cost factor, what makes web-based buzz marketing tick is the credibility it commands. Instead of coming from a faceless corporate channel, “buzz” message comes from the most trusted endorser — the end-user.

-The method also helps in another challenging area, attracting employees. Companies like Frito Lays routinely blog about work-culture to win the much-talked-about “war for talent”.

- The web is also seen as the most accessible way to reach customers spread across diverse geographies.

Despite the “buzz”, however, experts caution that ethical issues related to blogging need to be addressed as well.

PS- As an after thought, several hours later, I was analysing why I blog ;-)!?

I realise

-its a way of self expression --comes naturally to mehave never been an extempore speaker; infact am petrified of addressing any bunch more than a handful !

-helps me think thru an issue -and help me think aloud. yes, the ability to edit and rewrite also facilitate, articulate my own thoughts...

-often debate the road not taken?!!

-so much is happening out there..and its simply great to inform and share the bits/pieces to a lot of others who cd relate to me

-it is addictive

-the feedback and the interaction with those who respond/comment -even though offline, is a great drive ...

yes- what the heck, I love blogging :-)!


Sivakumar Surampudi said...

Smart way to differentiate Achyut!

Cheers / Shiv

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