Friday, April 06, 2007

Recruiting in India- video recording by Jim Stroud

My last post on this blog was on the 18th March- THREE weeks have almost passed by!!

It has been one hectic of a period- since there were many events that kept me preoccupied -among which I can certainly share- the ERA national conference, the fiscal year end accounting blues, and annual planning exercise for YE Mar '08, and not to mention the World Cup Cricket that has encroached a lot into one's personal life !! ( guess now that India isnt in the running, I can truly follow the sport without any bias :-)! )

But if I do have to blame someone for the hibernation, I must confess it is Jim Stroud -who had visited Hyderabad around the 20thMarch and the time I spent with him!!

As an internet sourcer and a recruiter with a keen eye for the best 'hidden' talent, it was a pleasure interacting with him, sharing our respective experiences and getting a ringside view of the latest technologies that are available on the and also those paid!!

In hindsight, I came back from the meeting -almost like a kid returning from a magic show-excited to implement all that I have learnt, and unearth with ease, a dot net project manager here, a C++ guru there, a VLSI design engineer from the depths of a conference, etc..and have since spent a few hours searching!! Well, searching is a euphemistic expression, for I am yet to see the fraction of the results that seem to emerge when Jim was weaving thru the internet :-)!!

I have now reconciled to the fact that while I should perhaps do things I am good at- post sourcing- trying to sell the right opportunity to the right person -and convince my clients to hire the best talent-and surely, leverage on the potential that Blogger gives me :-)!

Well, I am flattered Jim has had the gumption to feature me on his first ever video podcast of the Recruiters lounge . It is a 20 minute chat -do check it out and let me have your impressions!

Jim also featured me in a comic series. Well for one, a recruiter is found good enough to be hired!! And who knows, with Jim's eye for spotting talent, yours truly might just as well be playing in the next edition of the World cup cricket!!

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