Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Taking stock!!

With the posting I made over the weekend, I have completed a hundred postings on this blog!!

Taking stock, it would have been impossible without the encouragement of all the readers, some of them have registered themselves for constant updates, a few others have reminded me that I should be writing more often, and a lot of others who have reached out offline to me, with opportunities for me to improve my effectiveness as a recruiter!!

I reiterate I have loved blogging , and the process of constantly keeping myself updated and put my thinking cap on!!

If I were to look back and highlight some of the more memorable moments, it would be

-the interactions with many a prospective returning Indian, the client enquiries from across the world, and from the handful of fellow professionals from the recruiting fraternity

-a couple of MBAs willing to be employed by Options -as it represented a firm using Web 2.0 tools!!

- being among the TOP TEN blogs among the nominations by Recruiting.com

-the video recording by Jim Stroud

In response to some of the comments I have added a list of the HOT jobs urgent requirements in IT, and some of the options in the Non IT industry Non IT industry!

And yes, the biggest thanks will go at this stage to blogging Guru Gautam Ghosh. I have been inspired by many a blogger- some of whom have been linked right on this blog. I shall be failing if I didnt mention my biggest critic- my eleven year old daughter Vandana Vandana who is simply shocked by the singular lack of colour in my efforts !!

Thanks once again!! I shall be glad to have your suggestions on how I could make this blog more meaningful and interactive.


Anonymous said...


Talking about taking stock, just about every paragraph in your blog ends with exclamation marks; almost every other statement ends with, you guessed it, '!!'. Check it out for yourself...

It is almost like the overacting you see in Bollywood movies, or as here in the US, politicians talking about their faith in God. We could use (see/hear) less of both, as also the overuse of "!!" in your blog entries...

Good content, otherwise. Keep it up (but do keep the !!s down). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I count six of these in your post "!". one in mine. =)