Friday, July 06, 2007

Retention -best way of Attracting Talent!!?

Does media reflect the aspirations of its readers? Or is it that the readers get influenced by the media?

A classical case of the 'chicken or egg' syndrome?I find a stronger correlation between a sensational news and the trigger among professionals to look for greener pastures :-)!

Late last month there were news reports of 4 financial services experts being snapped by India Infoline at an obscene joining bonus of 11crores each!! While this stirred up a lot of envy and awe, there were quite a few pals of mine who called up to check if it was indeed a practice in the industry now!! One philisophised..these were more the exceptions!!

But when there was a report about ''sign on bonus for middle management professionals', I got a flurry of enquiries of people-wanting to know if they are being underpaid! They were quite happy in their jobs-doing well-had just got a whopping review -better than the last few years...but there was this nagging feeling-'hey! whats the market like?"

In that context, it was enlightening to read about the views from the other side of the table-the corporate!! There seems to be a lot of method behind the madness!

Infact in the last 24hours I came across two blogs-one by the legendary Marc Andreesen's. His mantra for retaining great people boils down to

-the quality of the people they're working with,
- the interestingness level of their projects, and
-whether they are learning and growing.

And so he advocates " retaining the magnets!! In a technology company, if you bear down and focus on retaining the great architects and managers, retaining everyone else -- the junior programmers, the product managers, the user interface designers, the salespeople, the sales engineers, the marketing staff, and so on -- will be much easier. "

I was more impressed by the ‘inside out ‘ approach by a fellow Hyderabadi professional- Suresh Anubolu- a person I have known for a few years-both as a third party recruiter and now, in the last few yrs-in the corporate avatar!!

In his debut effort in blogging , he reflects on the Generation Y –their characteristics, ways of attracting them, and retain their interest and attention span –with some outstanding analysis.

The concepts of creating employment value proposition, increasing ‘touchpoint situations with the company’ . fostering strong workplace relationships, ..are really worth implementing. The challenge is to ensure alignment of the environment-that ‘leverages the benefits of Generation Y-while still not alienating the rest of the workforce’!

Welcome Suresh to the world of blogging- we do hope you can spare more time than the monthly bulletin you promise !!

PS- one take away from both blogs..both the authors estimate the role of the ‘recruiter’ as paramount :)! Are you are working with the right recruiters??

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