Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tryst with Destiny-India @60 yrs

There is a patriotic flavour in the air today!

As India celebrates the 60th anniversary of Independence, my thoughts are drawn to Mr Jawaharlal Nehru .

Well..yes, India has come a long way-and is "shining" now.

My dreams for a better India?

- the teaching profession attracts the best of people. For they are the builders of the future generations, and so ought to be paid the best salaries -in schools and colleges.

- the premier education institutes ( IITs, IIMs, Law Schools, et al) talk about the startups they have incubated -instead of the placement salaries. After all, their raw material is the creme de la creme, and the training/orientation is of the highest order-isnt it ironic today they all join the ranks of corporates whose systems are in place?

- channelise the youth and their energy to more constructive purposes than being cybercoolies working at odds with their bioclocks.

-use our prowess in software and consulting skills to ensure better sharing of natural resources among states, throw up solutions better than the obsolete 'bandhs/strikes'.

Simple. Doable. And urgent.

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