Saturday, January 05, 2008

The year ahead...opportunities & challenges

It is that part of the year -when almost every one is taking stock of the situation, making resolutions -and purging out lists of all kinds. While I too cannot resist the temptation, I shall try and make it short and crisp!

I know there is an overwhelming 'feel good' mood pervading all across India, across industries- and not the least, the booming sensex. I would attribute it as a transitionary phase, as the closed economy that has enjoyed the flush of liberalisation -thanks to fresh capital and cheap labour. There is also the effect of the US subprime story. However, my own conviction -is that now the time has come when the men will start differentiating from the boys.

The next growth will necessarily have to depend on companies acquiring real competencies, and the economy developing real efficiencies. We just cannot bank on being at the right place at the right time, and hope for the party to continue.

As a recruiter I have seen salaries in India have gone up a few multiples in the last 3-4 yrs. While some of them have probably deserved it, a large majority should be sincerely reviewing if they really deserved to be part of the largesse. Have we added value to ourselves professionally? Have we upgraded our skills significantly to justify those increases, and more importantly- to aspire for similar growth in the coming years and scale up our productivity?

The year of 2008 ,to me, will be the recruiter's year.

One should realise over the last decade, there has been a tremendous shift in the power of the job seeker. From the old industrial economy where the employer was the provider of jobs, by virtue of access to machinery and money- we can see the intellectual property driven economy distinctly tilting in favour of the professionals! The recruiter will have to play the devil's advocate and see the right fit for the right role-more than ever, than just gloss over some superficial achievements. The recruiter would also the tricky role of whetting the employers credentials despite being engaged professionally!

Before I sign off the inaugural but somewhat sombre posting, let me point you to a bunch of HOT jobs that we at Options are working on presently. You can be sure there is a lots to cheer about- as there are indeed jobs across levels as several startups and projects are on the anvil.

Happy hunting!! But yes, please do your due diligence before you pick up that next employee or assignment. You might just attain escape velocity with the right call.

PS- whats new? We have just spruced up our website and so I shall be glad to have your comments on the same..please visit here.

I am also excited that the Executive Recruiters Association(ERA) has announced the launch of embarked of the first vocational course -a six month diploma course in recruitment practice and managementon . Will it provide the fillip to the industry like the NIIT courses first introduced two decades ago??

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Still there is a life in this profession . I think he people in this profession always have the negative impact .