Sunday, April 20, 2008

Project Management openings in Brisbane-Subtransmission

It was by a mistake that I posted the earlier job here instead of the usual blog for jobs !!

Here is one international job-the first one I got thru my Australian affiliate!

Her client is one of Australia's fastest growing organisation with close to 4000 employees, 6.6billion total assets -and providing electricity since 80 years to close to 3million people in Queensland!

There are Project management positions in line with the growth in major engineering projects
Salaries are in the range of 90-100 K Australian dollars -and so engineers with a strong proven track record in large HV electrical projects including planning, estimating,design,procurement, construction, manufacturing, network operations, testing and commissioning for voltages up to 132KV would be preferred.

Should you know anyone desirous of relocating to Australia-and working in a semi-government environment, please feel free to reach [email protected] and I shall be glad to provide more inputs!


Anonymous said...

Options in India are manifold, esp in the area of project management, so why go abroad. You can have a look at any of the major job portals and you will get an fair idea of wham am I talking about.


Joe said...

Great post, thanks for the great information, I had great luck finding a New Career at Management