Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Life Lessons for Professionals by Subroto Bagchi

Yesterday was an evening with a difference.

I was lucky to be invited to a thought 'churning' discussion, organised by a Hyderabad based forum Manthan -when Mr Subroto Bagchi chose to spend about an hour and half to talk about his latest book -"Go Kiss the World".

Truly, the 'painter of words' as he decribed himself, he shared some of the anecdotes -that provokes all of us to sit back and reflect. (One would find a wealth of information here .)

My take aways?

1. Most of use mistake our job for our profession...often overplanning one's careers."Your first, second or even the third job will not build or define your career-the respect, the patience, affection and gratitude with which you treat them-will!"
He exhorted us to reflect at the lifecycle of a musician or an athlete- and the distinct stages ; namely being trained, being the professional,..and the striving for that extra bit of perfection.

2. We have ourselves to blame- as our education system is a victim of our society!! He dreaded us to think that if Sergey Brin and Larry Page were in the third year of an Indian engineering college- they may well have been content settling for a campus placement @TCS...

3. How does one define a professional? "Some one who can work without supervision". "Someone who can certify himself that the task has been completed"

Wouldn't we all be better reading his book?

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