Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Options in India- some HOT openings!


Just thought I shall file in a short and crisp note- as a long weekend comes up in India. Am hoping I can catch the attention of someone who could probably know someone else!! These are all HOT -and some of them are through my associates-but you can be sure -our clients would be interested in meeting them asap :-)!

Positions based in Hyderabad

-CEO role for Power Company
-Group CFO for another Power company .
-VP Finance for an infrastructure startup -promoted by 3 well known groups-
-Financial Controller -50 crores company -manufacturing industry
-Head Compliance-infrastructure company
-Head Budget- Power company
-Head Secretarial- group in infrastructure
-Head Legal- group in power
-Financial Analysts/Modelling for Power company
-Financial Analyst for PE company
-Mining Head for a group
-Engineering Head for a Biomass start up for Sugar cogeneration plants
-Taxation Head for an infrastructure company
-Corporate Communications Head for a fast growing business house

Positions based in NCR region:

-VP Finance for a group into Thermal Power projects -based in Delhi
-Business Analyst for Infrastructure- Big Four firm

Positions based in Chennai:

-VP Delivery -IT services
- GM Finance & Secretarial for a company that had an IPO earlier this year
-Financial Analyst
-Design engineers for Power plant-at various levels - for instrumentation/civil/ electrical/mechanical functions

PS- there are also a few openings in Europe -those with JDEdwards One World implementation experience !!


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