Monday, October 13, 2008

8 years later!!

Over the weekend, my brother sent me this interesting link -Google, in honour of their 10th anniversary, has brought back its oldest available index- as of Jan 2001.

It was an amazing experience -getting back just about 8 years into history. It seemed like -today we are in a different age! Well, I cannot fathom how our lives were without an ipod, youtube, or even the social networking sites :-)!

Just look at the Bombay Stock Exchange Index on Jan 19 2001- it ' Sensex raced past 4100' !!And today almost two and half times higher, we are figuring out 'what the world has come to:!!

Flashback to my own business. A google search on my name did give two cached responses. Yes, those related to a single transaction made in Oct 2000. During the pre -2000 days, I used to moderate the jobs forum of a NRI site -which was later bought out over by Sify!!

Those days -it was a small bunch of IT professionals -mostly in the US -who wanted to return for personal reasons- parents getting old, children's education. Today, the flight is more driven by professional reasons -to be part of the "India growth story', to leverage on one's "international" expertise.

Am I glad it is a global world? There is lot more global migration of people. Professionals from across other industies -Pharma, Biotech, Infrastructure, Retail, Financial services-are all looking towards India. So are more MNCs investing in hitech/ telecom industries-looking at the huge Indian middle class...

Maybe it is a good idea for all of us, to stop watching the TV, and reading all those media reports of the 'gloom and doom" pervading all around us now..and google away for a while ?

Indeed, Life's a lot better :-)!


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