Thursday, October 23, 2008

Global Migration of professionals...sooner than later?

In the past few hours today, I have recieved -coincidentally(?) a sudden spurt in calls.

Reji John of Financial Chronicle sent me this link Prodigal sons rush homewards-safety? -which hinges on the possible movement of the Finance professionals from US/UK to other parts of the world. Reji has quoted me to drive home some points ;-)!

Only last night was I on a conference call with a couple from Canada-exploring if there would be Indians in the IT and engineering sector -would might like to migrate for better opportunities to Canada? One challenge is see.. their employment visas would take anyway from 3-5 months- for attracting professionals who are scarce in their country.

A shortwhile ago, a senior consultant from Deloitte, UK called -as a part of a survey -and enquired about the recruitment industry in the past few years, the likely trends in the near future, effect of the slowdown, and probed about the potentially fast growing sectors in the coming years...the efficacy of job portals and social networking sites and well, well- the acceptance of global professionals for opportunities in India...and if it would become a significant percentage of the workforce!!

Now..with a country of our size- and adding an Australia every year to the population, I can easily wager to predict the share of the segment would be miniscule ;-)!

Is the tipping point near? What are the challenges? For corporates, jobseekers..and the rest of the ecosystem?

PS-Talking of Australia, here is an extract of a mail earlier today, I got from an affiliate in Australia

looking for a number of candidates for a railway design division of an infrastructure company. And wonder if you have anyone on the books who may be interested in a move to Australia. I need Civil Engineers,Senior Design Engineers Permanent Way,Senior Railways Systems Engineering Manager ,CAD Designer/Drafter,Project Manager ,Signaling Design Engineers ...

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