Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009-taking fresh guard

It is exactly three weeks since I last blogged. While the last 6 days was a break from work due to personal reasons ( my father has since recovered -and back home, hale and hearty, from the hospital after some nervous moments!!), the earlier fortnight flew off –before one knew.
The general slow down helped me –to take time off from the daily routine, and travel-meet some ole pals, some fresh acquaintances, and kindle hopes for more determined alliances!!

Looking back 2008-it was -perhaps the best of my life -and Team Options so far!! Since my personal and professional lives are so seamlessly integrated, it was indeed a wonderful year for me. A year that gave me opportunities to back my instincts-and emerge stronger and wiser!!

Some of the best placements happened; exciting and challenging assignments- saw us stretching professionally-and me-learning from almost every meeting that I had.

Met a lot of new people –potential business partners across the world-as the visits took me to the USA, Australia, UK , Singapore and Philippines.

The perspectives have helped vindicate a lot of hypothesis..At Options, we tweaked around with a lot of experiments- building new practices, changing some processes-and welcomed a diverse set of team members-from across industries-and different functional backgrounds and temperaments. And like most things, some ideas were executed well-while some had to be aborted midway :(!

And all this -while the world around us kept crumbling around, with economic situations bewildering even the brightest pundits-the dollar went from 38 Rs to 52- the stock markets tanked globally-and most assets value severely challenged. So, it does give room for us to adopt some 'realistic optimism'!!

They say if one articulates ones thoughts in writing..the nature’s elements conspire to align themselves..and make them come true! So here are some of resolutions for 2009-not in any particular order

-Explore alliances in China, UAE , Europe and South Africa
-Generate a passive income
-Shed weight-one kg per month
- Fine tune systems and process and tighten the the delivery time. Improve response time. Empower and enable team members to go to the next level . And be prepared for taking the next boom…as it happens!

Here’s wishing all of us a great 2009..a year that brings the best out of us!! And continue to live our dreams…gritting our teeth and working harder than before!!

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Anonymous said...

The 2008 post I really enjoyed were the ones where you made some advance predictions. The fact that Indian diaspora will soon be knocking the doors. I work in a small startups and we getting quite few guys who are from US and coming back to India.

Looking forward for more post from you in 2009.

Your Reader