Thursday, February 12, 2009

The quantum leap

Would you like to believe that career management would necessitate 'soul searching'??

CB Ramkumar (CB) is a person who believes that in future, we will find employees looking for companies that have a great value system besides a stable & a growing balance sheet. Employers will look for employees who will have passions that they can help facilitate and fulfill, as only this leads to a sustainable relationship.

My interactions with CB have been sporadic but very interesting. In the seventies, my cousin and he were then part of a music band Vybrations (as was Dilip-who is now known to the world as AR Rahman!!) Late eighties had seen him pursue a career in advertising in Dubai. I then met him as he cycled thru Hyderabad, across India, on a fund raising mission. He is now living out his dream at Bangalore -promoting eco tourism and sustainable technologies.

CB is a very successful businessman today by any yardstick that one would want to use to understand that term "success". What makes his story extremely interesting is how he has achieved this!

In the talk that I had with him, a video of which is uploaded here for those who might be interested in hearing the entire version (a ten minute clip), CB envisages a further shift in the economy, from an intellectual one that we are currently experiencing to a"soul-filled" economy. By soul-filled economy he means one wherein companies and employees will get in touch with their souls to find solutions.

CB declares unabashedly that he is, indeed, talking about spirituality and the importance of meditation in today's world. The benefits that an individual can derive from meditation have been proven beyond doubt. The sooner it is accepted by companies and individuals the better , given the difficulty in finding and maintaining their competitive edge. It is a well-known fact that product-related competitiveness and image-related positioning are no longer sufficient to sideline competition. Companies need a new quantum level to operate from and this is the level of the soul. Getting in touch with your soul will provide the answers on how to become "hugely different on a quantum level from your nearest competitor". The knowledge that you procure from your soul is going to bring about a major shift in your basic system of work.

The proof of the pudding is in its eating. CB cites his own case as an excellent example to prove his theory.

PS- the video is my first attempt at uploading an interview-and while I admit that the visuals are pretty poor (need to research and figure out how I can improve it the next time!), I would request those interested to listen anyway as the audio quality is pretty decent. Here's some food for thought!!?

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