Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who is hiring in India now?

Looking back on a couple of my last month's posts on who is hiring in India, and changing nature of jobs, nothing much has changed since!

As a recruiter I feel the cycle time in closing positions has become longer!! For one, there is no low lying fruit, and each assignment is becoming tougher-as the employers now have a better choice in terms of talent available- and are in no hurry to hire since the competitions isn't !!

Validating my views are a couple of articles that Economic Times carried in the last few days!

Tough times call for tougher solutions! Companies are no longer content with 'maintenance or growth managers' without the skills required to manage crisis situations. Executive search firms are being asked to identify crisis or slowdown managers who have dealt with situations as varied as restructuring, mergers and downsizing. For example CFOs, HR managers who can take tough decisions, CIOs who can handle resource mobilisation during the current slowdown and CFOs to negotiate loans.
Another interview with a leading Executive Search specialist lists out:
the happening sectors: manufacturing, infrastructure, healthcare, mining, telecom, insurance
the sunrise industries : stem-cell research, drug development research, consulting in security and fraud management services-apart from pre-engineered building fabrication, personalised healthcare, clean technologies, power-plants.
the potential avenues :engineering services, avionics, defence electronic software and a whole avenue of healthcare software

Well, for those of whom are interested in knowing more about the specific mandates that Options is presently working on, here is a quick summary to some of the positions we are privy to!!
Happy hunting!!

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Interesting to see what is happening in India at the moment.