Saturday, August 08, 2009

A resume tsunami expected??

A recent headline caught my fancy!!

The Deloitte report is an interesting one, (you may visit here for a glimpse of the details!) expects HR professionals to have concerns about building up of a resume tsunami-which may hit once the economy turns and employees begin to consider new opportunities, even as most are struggling with downsizing decisions amid the downturn!

Elsewhere -there is another critic Suzy Welch who is sure that "something fundamental in our society has changed, and it will show in how people choose their next jobs."
"We're talking about a serious trend. This recession has left a deep scar on the psyche of working people. Previous recessions came on more slowly, their layoffs occurred more gradually. And previous recessions didn't leave most people blaming business, especially Big Business, for what went wrong."

Personally, I guess it was to be expected.

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” And especially when the chips are down, it is very simple for most to bend the rules 'slightly', right? So, it was rather surprising to see short sighted reactions of most Indian companies in the recent 12-18 months, even as the global recession hit the rest of the world more adversely than us. Cost cutting, rightsizing,layoffs, postponing on boarding...and more -have been very common -if one were to look back. And at a scale which really wasn't warranted, at least in India. I feel-it was more a knee jerk reaction..ape-ing the western world, so alien to our 'ability to adjust' traditionally! Ironically, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the 'human capital' being the most valuable asset- was at best a lip service :-)!

But then -everything isn't as gloomy.

There are some companies who are thinking differently-even as most of us are waiting for the unwanted guest (economic slowdown) who has been overstaying, to leave,perhaps by denying the lesser courtesies-not realising that it is even affecting our own domestic pleasures in our daily life :-)!

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