Friday, November 13, 2009

Time to Change?

For a hungry / starving person, what good is a promise of being invited to a feast next month!!?

Times are changing. And in real time!

The media in the recent past has upped its ante about improving the sentiments "jobs are back". However, if one were to read between the lines, you could see Accenture and Deloitte announcements -are spread across the next few years :-)! A single event of IIM Bangalore -is hyped even as dozens of companies have reneged on their campus offers of 2008 and 2009!

In contrast, a couple of intentions by Wipro - to rehire some of their sacked employees, albeit those with recently upgraded skills, and conduct walk-in interviews this weekend across 7 cities in India -are reassuring.

Needless to say-a lone swallow doesn't make a summer, right? Even as we read this, we read about large scale layoffs in Lloyds Bank, Pfizer, AOL, Adobe, Microsoft,....

If you are looking for a change, change the way you are looking.

The nature of jobs are changing. The needs of the industry are changing. Come 2010 April-and there are likely to be lot of implications on jobs-thanks to IFRS, GST, and a new Direct Tax Code in India which is likely to transform several aspects of a company's operations..It would help professionals being in sync with the changing demands of skill sets !! The time to prepare for them is now.

More and more organisations are making us of innovative talent hunt initiatives to identify and recruit the best of the smart breed.

Companies are increasingly adopting new tools in social media!

Twitter has now being adopted by topnotch professionals and celebrities to learn and share, more than ever before. Imagine a person like Anand Mahindra tweeting to seek ideas before a brainstorming/strategy session with his Bluechip senior executives- (Need yr help fr d upcoming Sr mngmnt conf 'blueChip'.A survey:what was d 1big lesson u learned about the global economy over last 18 mnths?) and following up with sharing some of his learning's online. ( 'Crowdsourcing' What a gr8 term! Is it original&may I use it w due credit?Not sure if I could afford the royalties!)

The speed of change is even faster. Just look at the social media scene LinkedIn -in the last 10 days has brought in the concept of following your connections, launched a collaboration with twitter to cross post status messages!

There is a lot of debate about the social media likeliness to beat the recruitment consultants to death!!

The role of a recruiter, according to Rowan Atkins, is changing "from a sourcer to a person who aids in selection. Recruitment consultants of the future will not be the salesman of old flogging candidates to anyone who'll have them; they will be a mix of occupational psychologists, management consultants and project managers."

Not so much about what you do-but more about how one does it!

We in Options, are also trying to keep up with the changing times. In our own small way, we are adopting some social media recruiting tools differently to strength our relationships. The team is improving its skill and learning to listen, in a bid to engage with professionals a lot more.

We have just created a common blog that lists out a lot of the jobs that we are working at-Options in India and Abroad by integrating the 3 hitherto blogs- pick of the jobs, IT jobs and Non IT jobs.

We are embarking on a new group on linkedIn-to create a community we can closely understand better.

PS Would love it if you can follow me, as I try to keep in step..and let me have your feedback.

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