Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mandates keeping us busy!

Time has been flying! We are already half way through 2010 :-)!

At the onset of the year, I had posted some of my thoughts on the industries to watch, perceptions on salaries, expectations regarding the jobs, and the likely hot jobs in India!!

Taking stock-there has been a lot of action across all the sectors-with most of them hiring aggressively now- except for the Energy sector that hasn't yet translated the potential into serious mandates.

-Attrition figures are back into the double digits...across the industries in the junior levels.

-Companies have been hiring large numbers of entry level talent & training them.

-The demand-supply position in the middle management level ( salaries from 15 to 30 lakhs pa CTC types) has been distinctly in the favour of the corporates as there is no dearth of available talent (both unemployed & underemployed). I have never seen as many 'willing consultants' open to getting back into the industry!!

-The India domestic market story is perhaps the single largest driver -and those with proven track records -are back in demand. (with a difference- there aren't those joining bonuses as yet).

-Salaries have been lot more rationalised. The variable part of salary has become more visible -with the assured fixed salary being a conservative bar! The annual increments have become polarised in favour of the performers...

-And yes-the biggest difference -is that 'there isn't any tearing hurry' to finalise hires. If in the past companies had a system in place- that ensured a series of interviews -to enable the aspirants to pick up the offer on the same day, today there is the luxury of a pregnant pause! Hiring managers are willing to wait for a better candidate to walk in-even as the background verification tests are done. And for once, there is a conscious regard for the 'marginal utility' concept. "Can we pay a little extra and get the more senior colleague instead :-)!?"

All of this means...that third party recruiters like us -are having to wait longer and work harder than before-to be assured of the closures!!

What keeps us at Options busy?

Little surprising that there are a bunch of HR positions in Hyderabad that we are working overtime on presently!!

-Group HR Head for a large infrastructure group company with power generation assets in India that has been recently funded over 400m USD by a group of global investors led by a marquee name! (Premier institute preferred!)

-HR Head for a power plant 2x 1320 MW plant under construction in coastal Andhra (with over 5000 employees).

-Director HR for a leading consulting company-partner with business and handled end to end activities of L&D, training and recruitment (Premier institute preferred!)

-Head HR for a leading MNC giant in Pune

-HR Head for a IT Product company with about 300 employees. The company plans to hire 100 more in the next 12 month. ((Premier institute preferred!)

-Training Director for a IT MNC product co.

-AVP (Talent acquisition) for a BPO in Bangalore

-HR manager for a IT MNC leader in the supply chain domain

-Learning Manager for a IT MNC in Bangalore

- Recruitment manager for IT product company

- HR Advisor for a MNC leader -person strong on Sales HR-to handle a team of regional sales/service team

- Asst manager-Generalist HR for IT product about 250 employees

Please reach out to me offline([email protected]). For obvious reasons most of these are confidential positions and believe me, my clients ARE choosy :-)!!

We are also on the look out for

-an Expat professional to launch one of the largest convention & exhibitions centres in India.

-an Executive Assistant for a Country Head of a highly visible global MNC leader

-returning Indian scientists for a global major player in the pharma/health care business

-Researchers for a highly successful state of art R&D lab

-software developers for a 2Bn USD product company building its Centre of Excellence for mobile applications

- product manager/developers for a leading e-commerce player setting up its Indian operations-after an on site incubation of one year at the corporate headquarters in China.

-Sales & Operations professionals, apart from content management experts for a PE funded start up in the Education sector.

There are more.....You can find a widget on the left hand side panel of this blog that lists out some of the latest positions we are working on! ( Featured jobs!!).

One could also browse for an idea of the 'not so confidential' openings we have! Should you register here, we shall personally connect and update you about the exciting options for you. You may like to subscribe for the weekly newsletter to be in sync too.

We also try and update our jobs blog as often as we can. Or you could follow anyone of us among team Options on twitter!

Lets stay connected. It is all happening at once :-)!!

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