Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Geography or Google?

Is Geography history?

Earlier this month, I visited a friend in Kuala Lumpur-who had moved in there few years back- immediately after having sold a very successful business in Hong Kong. Being a truly globally networked professional, (he is a Westerner, and has close to two decades of experience across a dozen countries in the Asia-Pac) he has been orchestrating a network of contacts/relationships across the world -across industries, and business domains -thanks to the growing power of Internet, technologies & communication that erased many a nation's borders.

What amazed me- was that he had a nagging feeling...was he missing out some action elsewhere? Interestingly-he had visited China last month-and changed his Linked in status to being based in China. And hey presto, there was this sudden avalanche of enquiries-trying to leverage on his multicultural exposure!!

The same person. Same capabilities. But a change of location...and the perceptions changed!!

If you aren't google-able you don't exist, right? Or do you?

Juxtapose it with a couple of more tidbits I came across recently.

At one hand, as per reports from CB Richard Ellis, we see that India is the only country in Asia where there is a strong disconnect between GDP per capita and real estate costs! Mumbai is the now the 4th most expensive office locations across the world! In such a scenario, does one still need to have multiple offices?? Even if those offices just had a token physical presence?

Yet an industry which believes in "location, location and location" as the mantra-retail -is also moving closer to the customers. Or 'where the business opportunities are'!!

However, globalisation is changing a lot of old mindsets! Companies are relocating, resizing and re-looking at their strategies as a consequence!

Options is now well positioned to become a global player. Do we invest in offices/locations or do we expand by leveraging on the expertise and reach of our international partners and collaborate?

As a potential hiring manager or a potential job seeker..who would you want to reach out to? Are you happy connected to an automated email id? Or an IVR system?

We are in a world where one can Skype and actually see & talk with someone across the world..and transact business even from home-with someone REAL. Or even better, someone in your own country-who understands your aspirations & motivations- and strongly networked across the world.

RSVP [email protected]. I shall be glad to have your impressions!!

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Ankur Gupta said...

I get approx 2-3 unsolicited interview offers in a week time (for the last 4 months and counting ) on linkedin.com.

There are two type of folks who hire

a) Cowboys : They look at the targets and shoot 50 bullets. Armed with generic text, "Your profile is relevant, blah blah. Please let me know if you are interested." Fire and Forget, fire enough so that one can forget.

b) Assassin : They look @ my profile properly. See beyond what skills I have mentioned. Read my weblog for technical post. Refer to it in invite post and say that I would be a right fit etc. They research. Sometimes they end up sending an email, friend request on twitter. If things don't work out they understand it's part and parcel of their business. They nudge only a little and keep in touch.

I think both have their place, but assassin are bound to have high success rate with me(and the generation coming ahead). Because it gives me the perception that the company which he is representing really cares about whom they want to hire. (Btw I belong to the junior category of hire aka below mid level management.)

Been a reader of you blog for a long time now I really enjoy reading your post. Like the fact that most of it peeks into the future.